Beth Anacreonte

Meet Your Vice President Of Administration

Beth Anacreonte

Why Did You Get Into Senior Living?

I started in Senior Living by accident when I moved to Tampa in 2002 and was persuaded to take an open support services position in the accounting department of a new senior’s housing company, Horizon Bay, that had just relocated their corporate offices from Chicago to Tampa, to get my foot in the door. I quickly changed positions and started working in the legal and risk management department supporting compliance matters, licensing, insurance renewals, claims management, and new acquisitions as Senior Director Insurance & Risk Management. After the 2011 merger between Brookdale and Horizon Bay, I spent 6.5 years with Brookdale supporting new community developments and community divestitures serving as a liaison between developers, owners, buyers, and operators in the role of Director of Strategic Projects & Owner Relations.

Who Truly Inspires You?

I am inspired by people who work hard and are passionate about what they do. You can find many of these people in our community associates. They inspire me because they work hard every day and we rely on them to take care of our moms and dads 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They touch our residents’ and families’ lives and our residents and families touch our associates’ lives. When my grandmother spent her final years in a nursing home, it was certain caregivers whom she had bonded with and trusted who could get her to eat, brush her teeth and take a bath when no one else could convince her to do so. This was so important to our family and especially those of us who lived so far away to know Granny was well cared for by people who truly came to love her like their own grandmother.

A Thing People Would Be Surprised To Know About You?

While I’m from Tennessee, I spent time throughout my childhood living on various farms, including a dairy farm in New Hampshire. I learned to drive farm equipment before my feet could touch the peddles. My Dad taught me true grit and that just because I was a girl working with a bunch of boys, I could learn to sling a hay bail just as good as they could…. and so I did!

Beatles Or Elvis?

I have a nephew named Jude. So if I had to choose it would be the Beatles, but I’m a tried and true country music fan…..Go Johnny Cash!

How Did You Wind Up At Inspired Living?

Having worked with Steve, Lindsey, and others from Horizon Bay, I remained in contact with them over the years, and as Validus and Inspired Living started to grow, they knew where they could use me and fit right in on their team!

What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

I want people to know first and foremost how important family is to me. My husband, Doug, our two dogs, Jack and Jerry, and our large extended family. They are my life and are the support system behind my success.

For my colleagues and professional friends, I want them to see thru my professional success how hard work and allowing great mentors to teach you something they know and you, in turn, teach them something you know, can build unstoppable, rock-solid teams. Because it’s not about the number of degrees in the room, it’s that you all can admit you’re not the smartest person in the room and you show your team you’ve got their back and allow them to have yours!