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Keeping At-Risk Seniors Safe During Cold and Flu Season

Assisted living and memory care communities work hard to keep at-risk seniors safe during cold and flu season. Learn how here.

A Guide to Bladder Health and Incontinence Care in Senior Living

A Guide to Bladder Health and Incontinence Care in Senior Living

Want to better understand bladder health and incontinence care in senior living? If so, click here to read this complete guide.


6 Common Misconceptions of Senior Living

What you’ve heard about senior living might not be true. Learn about 6 common misconceptions of senior living in this article.

The Importance of Respite Care

The Importance of Respite Care

Being a primary caregiver is a lot of work. Respite care can help with this. Learn about respite care and senior living here.

Sanitation and Safety Tips for Senior Living

Sanitation and Safety Tips for Senior Living

Senior living can be challenging for both seniors and their loved ones, but a few sanitation and safety tips can benefit all parties. Get several in this guide!

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The Benefits of Morning Coffee for Seniors

When it comes to the world’s most favorite morning beverage, explore the many health and cognitive benefits that morning coffee provides seniors.

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8 Ideas for Visiting Moms and Dads in Senior Living

If you want to spend quality time with your mom and dad at their senior living facility, then you can’t miss this article featuring 8 fun ideas.

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The Best Outdoor Summer Activities for Seniors

With a variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits to getting outside and soaking up the sun, explore the best outdoor summer activities for seniors!

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A Guide to Caring for a Diabetic Senior

Are you responsible for caring for your loved one that is a senior citizen? Click here for a guide to caring for a diabetic senior that is sure to help you.


Common Senior Hearing Impairments and How to Help

Hearing loss is a common obstacle many aging adults face. Learn about the different types of hearing impairments in seniors with tips on how to help.