Inspired Living At Lakewood Ranch Communications

One of the most important ways we can partner with you is through open and honest communication regarding your or your loved one’s health, wellness, and happiness. Communication is the foundation for our success, and you can expect to hear from us on a regular basis.

Please see below how our Inspired Communications will keep us working together to achieve our goals. With set expectations and accountability, we have a clear roadmap to success.

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How We Will Work Together

First and foremost, our doors are always open, and we are here to answer any questions – so please ask. Do not hesitate as no question is trivial when it comes to advocating for health, wellness, and happiness. Second, we encourage you to provide feedback and let us know how you feel things are going and if your expectations are being met. Every resident is unique and lives with us with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our customized life plans are individually tailored to each resident and the feedback we receive allows us to continue to tailor the experience to make the most meaningful impact in your lives. Third, our plan includes open communication with everyone involved including the resident, family members, doctors, care partners, and the team at Inspired Living. After all, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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  • Town Hall Meetings
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  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Activity and Event Invitations
  • Executive Director One-on-Ones
  • Care Plan Meetings
  • Family Support Groups
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  • COVID Protocol Updates
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I Couldn't Be Happier

I moved my parents to Inspired Alpharetta from out of state. As I was traveling alone, I broke up the travel to fly in with dad one day and return a couple of days later with mom. I was flying cross-country, so the flights did not arrive until well after normal business hours. The Executive Director (Elaine), Wellness Director (Toni), Wellness Coordinator (Marvelyn), and Sales Director (LaTange) all stayed late on two different nights to welcome us. Even with us arriving after 8pm, they still provided a nice warm meal for my folks to welcome them.

From my initial Inspired Living visit with Lorene on a random Sunday afternoon (without an appointment), Inspired Leadership is always engaged and holds their staff accountable. In fact, they always have a senior leader on site every day of the week, including the weekend.

And it’s not a show! I regularly pop in without notice and inspect their apartment to find beds always made and the room orderly. I couldn’t be happier with selecting Inspired Living Alpharetta to take care of mom and dad! – Willie Horne

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