Amenities Seniors Love at Inspired Living Delray Beach

Amenities Seniors Love at Inspired Living Memory Care in Delray Beach

If you have a senior loved one in your life, ensuring their health and happiness is paramount. Recent data found that there are approximately 30,600 assisted living communities in the United States today. Before you choose assisted living in Delray Beach, make sure you know about the wonderful amenities at Inspired Living. Read on to discover amenities seniors love at Inspired Living memory Care in Delray Beach

Inspired Destinations

At Inspired Living, our Inspired Destinations program lets seniors travel to a new destination with their fellow residents. Whether it’s through sharing their own travel experiences or trying global cuisine, there’s always something new to explore.

Our Inspired Dining team hosts cooking demonstrations throughout the month featuring foods from all over the world. The food is focused on the specific destination of the month to tie in with the theme.

Residents can also try the Cocktail of the Month with alcohol and non-alcoholic options. Other fun activities include going to museums to view artifacts, listening to history lessons, and cultural music.

Inspired Dining

We make assisted living in Delray Beach better through our delicious dining plans. Our team of friendly, courteous professionals are trained culinary experts who offer a variety of delectable selections with local flavors and more.

Most meals are made from scratch, and each resident receives personalized service. The key is to blend creative cuisine with healthy nutrition and excellent service.

The Inspired Dining amenity ensures residents and guests have the flexibility they need. It also allows us to create an inviting, enjoyable dining experience for everyone, including our residents’ beloved friends and family members.


Inspired Living follows the six dimensions of wellness to ensure that every resident lives an enriched life. Each community has a Resident Engagement Director as part of our Thrive wellness program.

The director is here to make sure that memory care in Delray Beach is rewarding and fun with a full calendar of weekly activities and events. Game days, live musical performances, and group activities are just some of the many exciting activities we offer.

Learning opportunities support intellectual wellness, while proper nutrition and physical activity support physical wellness. With a focus on creating meaningful relationships with others, we also focus on the social wellness dimension.

Dementia Live

Many senior care residents are dealing with dementia, which is often quite difficult for family members. Our team understands how challenging it is to watch a loved one change during this tough time.

Dementia Live®, a high-impact, dementia-simulation experience, immerses participants in the realities of living with dementia. The result is a much deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with this disease.

Discover Your Perfect Senior Living Community

The amenities at our senior living community in Delray Beach are designed to make seniors’ lives better. From immersive activities and delicious food to focusing on wellness, your loved one will continue to thrive.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a tour, contact the team at Inspired Living Delray Beach today!

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