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Assisted Living vs Memory Care: Which One Do I Need?

70% of Americans will need long-term care services by the time they turn 65. 20% need it for longer than 5 years. This makes deciding on elder living arrangements a difficult but necessary conversation. Most Florida residents have already had it or are running out of time to do so. 21% of the state’s population is already over 65 compared to 16.8% for the whole country. Narrowing your choices down to two of the most popular and effective options may help. Read our guide to memory care and assisted living in Delray Beach.

Differences Between Memory Care and Assisted Living

Assisted living and memory care are two types of senior care with the same purpose. They keep elders safe, independent, and social. The ways they do this differ.


Assisted living rooms look much like any apartment. The difference is that they have safety features such as in-room emergency alerts. They also make it easy for staff to give daily check-ins and medications. A memory care community is designed for those with memory and judgment issues. Their layouts minimize confusion and include calming spaces. They also have extra safety features such as:

  • Alarms
  • Keypad entries
  • Obscured exits
  • Doorbells to signal entering and exiting
  • Color-coded walls
  • Memory boxes outside the residents’ doors

Staff Training

Both facilities have staff such as nurses and nursing assistants. They’re trained to help residents with daily tasks such as eating and bathing. Staff at memory care facilities spend more time completing courses to learn about all forms of dementia. They also get more continuing education. The facilities have a higher caregiver-to-resident ratio. There’s always a professional around to help.

Activities and Therapies

An assisted living facility offers activities such as exercise classes, book clubs, games, or parties. Residents may even enjoy supervised outings. Memory care facilities focus more on therapies to help seniors with memory loss. These may include music, art, or pet therapy.


Assisted living and memory care in Inspired Living Delray Beach costs are based on the room and care level needed. Make sure to check the floor plans and pricing.

Choosing the Right Facility

Assisted living is the best option for getting assistance with a few daily tasks. Memory care is best for those who need 24/7 supervision because of severe memory loss or impairments. Find a facility that offers both options. 71% of assisted living residents already have a form of memory loss or impairment. Research your options and keep them local. Find the best assisted living in Delray Beach. Focus on actors such as reputation and amenities. Next, look for the best memory care community in Delray Beach. The two should be connected or close to each other. Transitioning from one to the other is less traumatic for your loved one. It also makes it easier for you to visit them.

Find Memory Care and Assisted Living in Delray Beach

Senior care facilities give aging loved ones a home away from home where they get proper medical attention. Assisted living in Delray Beach does this with a social community and warm environment. Memory care facilities have extra safety features and staff that are qualified to deal with impairments. Inspired Living Delray Beach offers assisted living and memory care. Contact us to discuss options for your loved one or schedule a tour today.

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