Helping Seniors Get Ready for the Day 1

Helping Seniors Get Ready for the Day

If you’re like most people, you spend up to a half-hour getting ready each morning. Some of us spend up to a week of every year on our grooming routines! For memory care residents in Inspired Living at Delray Beach, this window can stretch much longer. Typical grooming activities can be more difficult and time-consuming with memory loss and decreased motor control. As a trusted memory care community in Delray Beach, we take our residents’ hygiene and comfort very seriously. Every day, we help our residents through their morning routines to get them ready for another fun day in our community. If you’re curious about what goes into helping seniors get ready for the day, here’s what to know about daily routines at Inspired Living.

Morning Grooming for Seniors

To begin, we help residents through the grooming portion of their senior morning routine. We know many of our residents need help brushing their teeth, washing their face, putting on deodorant, and shaving. While we do promote independence where we can, we’re also happy to take care of it all! Our experienced staff will help residents use their favorite toiletries, including toothpaste, shaving cream, lotion, or makeup. For shaving, we always use simple and safe personal hygiene tools. After their basic grooming is done, we’ll also help residents brush and style their hair to their liking.

Getting Dressed at a Memory Care Community in Delray Beach

Many of our residents like to dress on their own as part of their morning routine. The right clothes enhance our memory care residents’ self-esteem and help them maintain their preferred style and appearance. If a resident needs help getting dressed, we’re also happy to assist! Residents may need help choosing clothing items. They may also be working through confusion, or overcoming decreased motor skills or vision problems. We often encourage residents to pick simple clothing and shoes that they feel comfortable in. Whether they’d like to wear the same style each day or rotate through their favorite choices, the best-assisted living team will always support their needs.

Managing Medication for Memory Care Residents

Medication is another crucial benefit of dementia care for seniors. Our care team uses each senior’s personalized care plan to manage their daily medications. Every morning, we administer medications at the same time. This ensures that residents get their scheduled dosage without forgetting or overdosing by accident. It also gives our staff the chance to monitor our residents’ health concerns.

Choose Assisted Living in Delray Beach

When our residents need help with their morning routines, our memory care community in Delray Beach is more than happy to help. We’ll assist them with their grooming, dressing, and beyond, all while the smell of coffee starts to fill the facility! Once our residents are ready to start their day, they’ll head to the Inspired Dining room for their favorite breakfast foods before starting the day’s activities. If you’re struggling to help your loved one with their daily routine, it may be time for memory care. The expert team at Inspired Living can help moms and dads with the needs we’ve mentioned above and much more. To learn what we can do, contact us at (727) 490-3233 or schedule a visit today.

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