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Tai Chi Exercises and Dementia: What are the Benefits?

Tai Chi was created by Taoist Monk Zhang San Feng about 700-1500 years ago. It has evolved over time to incorporate exercise and meditative positions. Many might find it similar to yoga. Various simpler versions can be found today in the Western World. You might feel that after the dementia diagnosis, you can’t do the same exercises you enjoyed. While this might feel like the case, it’s not necessarily true. The good news is that there are various exercises and alternatives to traditional moves you know and love. Not only are they fun, but they could be beneficial. Read this guide on Tai Chi exercises and dementia: what are the benefits?

Improve Flexibility, Stability, and More

Tai Chi for seniors could help improve flexibility and stability. In addition, practicing regularly might help reduce pain from fibromyalgia, back problems, and knee osteoarthritis. Tai Chi could also help reduce the chance of falling. Thai Chi combines slow movements with mental focus and deep breathing. You stretch from one pose to the next. Your body is in continual motion placing low impact on joints and muscles.

It can help ease pain due to:

  • An improvement in balance and flexibility
  • Better posture overall
  • Strengthening the muscles in the pelvis and abdomen

Cognitive Function

Our memory care community Inspired Living Delray Beach offers weekly Tai Chi sessions for its residents as a physical and also a cognitive exercise. It could help improve executive function, including decision-making, managing time, and multitasking. Some think that it could potentially prevent or slow down dementia. This could be due to it improving cognitive function. Cognitive function includes memory, attention, and responding to information. In one study, Tai Chi slowed the progression of dementia more than other forms of exercise. After a year, they showed improvement, and only 2% progressed to dementia.


Participating in a normal Tai Chi routine can help seniors feel like part of a community. Many memory care residents enjoy meeting up with others in these exercise classes. If you’re caring for your loved one at home, you could support them and encourage them while they are doing their Tai Chi exercises. This can also be a bonding activity that you can enjoy together.

How Tai Chi Could Benefit Those at Dementia Care in Delray Beach

After reading this guide, the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors with Dementia should be clear to see. That is why TaiChi is a weekly activity on the memory activities calendar at Inspired Living Delray Beach. Are you or your loved one interested to see what our memory care community has to offer? Your loved one will experience an unmatched level of support and care in the region. We believe in preserving their dignity and allowing them to gain as much enjoyment in life as possible.

Contact us today or schedule a tour if you’re ready to get started. We’ll show you around, and you’ll see firsthand that our memory care is top-notch in the area.

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