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How to Personalize Your Assisted Living Space

Whenever you start the next stage of your life and move into a new home, there are ways to personalize the place and make it your own. Whether you’ve moved into a college dorm with an 18-year-old roommate or you’ve moved into an assisted living space during your golden years, you can always splash your personality onto your new home. Below, read about the most interesting ways to personalize your assisted living space.


Consider adding all sorts of your favorite knick-knacks, paintings, vases, and more to bring more personality and joy into your new assisted living community. For example, you might want to put together a nice bed set with a warm, colorful blanket and a brightly colored pillowcase. Do you have a coin collection? You can always add your remarkable collection to your desk or nightstand.

Your Favorite Plants

Do you love roses, sunflowers, or dandelions? Do you prefer daffodils or irises? Whatever your favorite flowers are, make sure to add them to your assisted living room. It’s also a great idea to get a potted plant since these tend to last much longer than flowers in a vase. It also gives you something to do regularly, as you’ll enjoy watering the plants. Further, you can decide to buy a colorful or creative vase based on your tastes. That will surely give your assisted living home a better look and bring you more happiness. 

Family Photos

In addition to decorations, plants, and flowers, you can always pick out a few of your favorite family or friend photos for your room. Buy some gorgeous photo frames to display on your shelf, nightstand, or desk. It’s a great way to remember the great times you’ve had throughout your life and the wonderful friends you’ve made throughout the years.


What are your favorite books? Whether you love Shakespeare or Hemingway, you should consider buying your beloved books or picking them up at the local library for a quick read. It’ll give you an enjoyable activity to do throughout the day, and you can decorate your room with a beautiful bookshelf as well. When a friend or family member comes over to your new assisted living room, you’ll even have a topic of conversation, as they look across your bookshelf. It’s always fun to talk about your favorite books!

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