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March 15, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Prospective Residents -

Inspired Living is taking precautionary measures, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has released guidelines for employers and businesses to contain the spread of the virus. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our residents, associates and families.

Currently, Inspired Living is concentrating on prevention. Our support center is reinforcing our policies and procedures for contagious illnesses such as influenza with staff. These include reminders about flu vaccines, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, staying home when sick, and taking flu antivirals as prescribed.

We have a community support center emergency response team in place to provide support to the local teams, especially in the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19.

We are vigilant about protecting our moms and dads and associates while balancing our call to serve and we are following local and state guidelines regarding visitor protocol. The state of Florida has issued an Executive Order 20-52 prohibiting visitation to long term care communities.  You can access the order here.  For additional peace of mind, we have an electronic sign-in system to track and screen visitors for Coronavirus related symptoms. For our resident and associate safety, visitation has been restricted in all communities to only essential health related support personnel.  Even approved personnel must agree that they are not sick or showing signs of respiratory illness or have other risk factors for COVID-19 via our electronic sign-in system.   In Florida, we are further screening for temperatures or fever of anyone who is requesting to enter a community. 

To further mitigate risk, we have suspended Inspired Living sponsored/planned group outings and large group activities.  However, we recognize the importance of staying connected.  For that reason, we are promoting virtual visitation using technology to connect our families and for prospective residents and/or guests to see our communities, ask questions or even meet other residents, “virtually.”  

If you would like information or want to connect or “see us” – feel free to visit for our number.  Our associates will arrange for a facetime call or video meeting where they can introduce you to our team, show you our beautiful communities and demonstrate our commitment to care.

If a confirmed case were to occur, we would continue to act in full compliance with the CDC, local and state health authorities.  We would follow the CDC guidance for confirmed cases in healthcare settings; that guidance includes steps to minimize chances for exposure, adhering to personal protection protocols and managing visitor access.

While this situation continues to evolve, we appreciate the opportunity to serve at Inspired Living. We will continue to closely monitor the outbreak and take actions necessary to help keep our residents, associates and families safe.  As the leader of our Inspired family, I ask for your support and patience as we work together to provide our associates, residents and families the best service and care while balancing the responsibility of keeping everyone healthy, and safe.

Steve Benjamin, Chief Executive Officer

The health and safety of our residents, families and associates is our top priority, below are steps we have taken in response to COVID-19.

 Residents and Families

•Resources and communication tools for Executive Directors to consistently communicate

   with residents & families via phone, text, email  (Call’em all).

•Assisted Living & Memory Care: Multiple daily observations for symptoms

•Using technology – IPADS and other resources with families, outside groups, when possible

•Canceled Inspired Living public or referral events (except for healthcare-related visits)

•Strong programming and engagement providing meaningful and safe engagement opportunities



•Enacted our emergency preparedness plan including daily call for communication to/from communities on updates.

•Focused on prevention- Daily tracking of residents at risk

•Created Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID-19

•Increase labor and enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocol related to COVID-19

•Re-educated community leaders & staff on disease prevention efforts

•Advised to plan & preparation for situations (e.g. flu shutdown)

•Have response protocols, if needed

•Non-essential business travel ban


Regulatory Authorities

•Federal & state protocols already incorporated in our processes

•Our experienced clinical team is actively reviewing for updates from CDC, Governing Bodies


Public at Large

•Entrance notices to self-assess before entering our communities

•Limiting large group events and converting to live webcasts with outside groups, when possible

•Created FAQ guide for use by the public

•Taking Care Flyer – Outlining our approach to caring during a challenging time


Vendors – 3rd Party Management and Suppliers

•Suppliers report appropriate supplies for our communities and no expected supply disruption for food and medication.

•Communication to/from suppliers regarding our safety requirements

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