Inspired Living Making the Most of Your Holiday Visit With Your Senior Loved One in Royal Palm Beach

Assisted Living in Royal Palm Beach: Making the Most of Your Visit

If your loved one is among the more than 800,000 Americans in assisted living, you know how important it is to stay close during the holidays.

Planning for the holidays when your loved one is in assisted living can be tricky. You don’t want to disrupt their day-to-day lifestyle, but at the same time, it can be so enjoyable for them to be surrounded by those they love.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you how you can make the most of your visit to your loved one’s assisted living in Royal Palm Beach. Caring for the elderly is all about being around when they need you most. Keep reading and use this as your guide for holiday ideas.

Bring Favorite Movies

Everyone has fond memories of watching holiday films with their loved ones gathered around. It becomes more difficult as parents and grandparents get older and suffer from serious conditions like Alzheimer’s.

That being said, bringing in some old Christmas favorites can really boost the mood around the holidays. Choose a few of your favorites and enjoy a few hours around the television just like old times.

Cook Something Special

Assisted living communities like ours really make an effort to give residents healthy, nutritious meals. That doesn’t mean that you can’t cook your loved one’s favorite holiday-based foods and bring them when you visit.

Whether it’s a batch of Christmas cookies or the Brussels sprouts they used to make when you were young, food can be a special reminder of past holiday seasons.

Bring Other Family Members

The holidays are a time to get family and friends together and celebrate the love that you share. When your loved one is in an assisted living facility, things become more tricky logistically. Fortunately, our Royal Palm Beach facility is more than equipped for the entire family to visit.

Depending on the type of room your loved one has, you can cram everyone in for an intimate holiday celebration. You can also make use of our spacious common areas that can accommodate visitations of all sizes.

Decorate Their Room

If you’re planning a visit from the whole family, you can always show up early and help decorate your loved one’s room with holiday cheer. Try putting up a few sets of lights, tinsel, and even a Christmas tree in the corner. Being in assisted living doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays in style.

Enjoy Community Events

At Inspired Living, we always have community events to help residents celebrate the holidays. You don’t need a dozen family members to help your loved one enjoy the holidays. Check out what we’ve got going on with the assisted living calendar and schedule time with your loved one.

The Best Assisted Living in Royal Palm Beach

The holidays can be an overwhelming time when you have a loved one in assisted living. It can conjure memories of younger times when everyone was healthy and happy, but there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy new memories.

Inspired Living offers premier assisted living in Royal Palm Beach, giving your loved one more, especially around the holidays. Take what we’ve discussed here and come up with a plan to make your loved one’s holiday one to remember and check out our upcoming holiday events here.

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