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The Inspired Living Royal Palm Beach Executive Director

Our team of highly trained professionals are dedicated to providing our residents, families and guests with endless hospitality and attention. Inspired Living Royal Palm Beach strives to employ associates who are passionate about careers in senior living and who inherently have the skills to thrive in a senior friendly working environment. We are proud of these men and women and the work they do everyday in an effort to exceed the expectations of our residents, families and guests at the Inspired Living Royal Palm Beach.

Meet Your Executive Director

Matt Sarnelli

Why did you get into senior living?

I had an elderly family member who lived at home alone. While I was in college, I would visit her regularly in the late afternoon. Every time I would visit, she would be sitting the same chair with a housecoat on. I tried to get her to be active and offered many social outlets to which she refused. Even though she still had a lot of “Italian Spunk” left in her, it was very difficult to get her to understand how much she still had to offer and, on the rare occasions she would participate in something it was evident. So helping seniors to realize they have a lot to offer became my goal.

Who inspires you?

It may be cliché, but the people I surround myself on a daily basis inspire me to always look for a way to make the glass “half-full.”

What would people be surprised to know about you?

People may be surprised to know that I spent time teaching/training martial arts to an NBA basketball player in how to use martial arts to gain a competitive advantage without hurting an opponent

Beatles or Elvis?

Both, depending on my mood. Both were trailblazers and made people feel that it was ok to step off the “societal norm”

How did you wind up at Inspired Living?

Simply put, culture. I had other opportunities but it was clear from my first conversation that being part of the Inspired Living team was where I belonged.

What do you want your legacy to be?

To be a role model for my children and fellow teammates for CARING about others and leading by example is my legacy goal.

Executive Director Royal Palm Beach
Matt Sarnelli
(561) 612-6562

Meet Your Sales Director

Christy Zillmer

Christy’s Biography

Christy Zillmer has been a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida for 15 years. She was born and grew up in Maryland and moved to the Sunshine State after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to joining Inspired Living as the Sales Director in 2020, she spent 3 years working in Senior Living New Development. Christy is a wife of 16 years and mother of four children. She realized how much passion she had for the well-being of the senior population after helping take care of and ultimately finding a care community for her own Dad who suffered from dementia. Christy is dedicated to helping families learn how their loved one will not only be safe, but truly thrive in a Senior living community environment.

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Regional Vice President

Lisa Baty

(813) 765-0281 (cell)