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A Guide to the Dementia Live Experience

It’s been shown that about 55 million people worldwide suffer from dementia. It’s also been shown that around 10 million new dementia cases are discovered each year. Dementia is a syndrome that is typically chronic and progressive. That is why dementia care is so important for people who suffer from this cognitive issue. It can be especially hard for family members to understand what their loved one is going through. Dementia is something that affects the entire person and can change many aspects of how they live.

Keep reading to find out more about dementia care in Ivy Ridge and what is Dementia Live.

What Is a Dementia Live Experience?

At Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge, we understand how hard it can be to see your loved one suffer from dementia. It can be almost impossible to understand what they are experiencing. That is why we offer Dementia Live, which gives you an idea of what dementia really feels like. Ivy Ridge Dementia Live experiences provide a tool for family members. These experiences are sometimes open to the public, offering a dementia simulation experience. This allows you to become immersed in what living with dementia feels like. It allows you to feel the cognitive impairment and the sensory change that people go through. You will often wear headphones, gloves, and eye covers to help with this experience. This is a tool that’s used by family members as well as staff, communities, and agencies. It is offered in the hopes of helping people to better understand what life with dementia feels like.

Other Events at Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge

If you are interested in a Dementia Live experience, there are other events to take advantage of as well. Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge also offers public events to encourage engagement. This includes things like giving family and friends the chance to meet the team at Ivy Ridge. Or you can engage in a breast cancer awareness walk. There is also the option of joining a support group for caregivers that are affected by conditions like dementia. The event options are always changing, and the times and dates allow you to take advantage of different events. This is a great way to better understand how Ivy Ridge works.

Dementia Care in Ivy Ridge Guide

At Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge, we believe that compassionate care is the top priority. We achieve this by providing a dementia live experience. This tool is often used to train team members to better understand how dementia works. Sometimes public events are also offered so that friends and family can also experience this. If you want to better understand what your loved one is going through, this tool can give you an idea.

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