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Bocce Ball and Dementia – How This Game Helps Dementia Residents

Games such as Bocce Ball can help delay dementia by as much as five years, according to research from the Rush University Medical Center. You play Bocce Ball on a court and roll balls close to a target ball to score points. Played for centuries, dementia care residents will soon see the benefits of this beautiful game. Bocce Ball helps with memory care by stimulating brain response and decision-making. It also can lower blood pressure and improve self-confidence. Here’s more on how bocce ball and dementia – how this game helps dementia residents in the memory care community.

Stimulate Brain Response

Data from the World Health Organization found more than 55 million are living with dementia around the world, with 10 million new cases diagnosed yearly. Dementia destroys the neurons, affecting memory in dementia residents. Stimulating a brain response is one of the main goals of memory care options at Ivy Ridge. Incorporating games like Bocce Ball increases those feelings in dementia residents and improves overall health and wellness. Players must “react” to how close the Bocce Balls are to the target ball. Those playing the game will show excitement at how close (or far away) each ball is when it moves. Moreover, you must keep score in Bocce Ball! Those in dementia care at Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge must use their cognitive skills to add points that players score.

Decision Making

Bocce Ball forces dementia care players to decide how much strength to use when rolling each ball. Players in memory care must judge time and distance. Increasing the speed at which players make decisions is a goal of improving cognitive health in dementia residents. Thanks to Bocce Ball, residents under memory care will also see increased critical thinking skills.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Many studies suggest that higher blood pressure increases the risk of dementia and may worsen symptoms. High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or stroke, both of which could be deadly. Feelings of joy and happiness are proven to help lower pressure. Games like Bocce Ball improve those feelings when being treated for memory care options.

Improve Self-Confidence

Dementia causes people to lose confidence in their capacity to function. There’s a stigma attached to dementia, which can force people to become isolated. Once memory care residents boost their confidence, they might see an increase in better judgment.

How Bocce Ball Can Help in the Memory Care Community

Bocce Ball helps in the memory care community by stimulating brain response and improving decision-making skills. Moreover, Bocce Ball can help lower blood pressure and help residents get better at self-confidence.

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