Moving Into a Memory Care Community in St. Petersburg, Florida

Moving Into a Memory Care Community in St. Petersburg, Florida

If you’ve ever planned a move, you know how stressful it can be. Research suggests that most of us think moving is the most stressful life event, worse than divorcing or having kids. If moving is hard for the average American, imagine how much worse it can be for a memory care patient! Transitioning to a memory care community in St. Petersburg, Florida can induce anxiety and nerves, and it’s only reasonable that we want to spare our loved ones the stress. If you’re getting ready for this type of transition, here’s what you should know about moving into a memory care community.

Know What to Expect

Moving a parent to memory care is hard when you don’t even know what to expect! Before the move, schedule a tour of the community. Ask about the daily routines and activities, find out what amenities are on site, and get to know the staff your loved one will interact with. This knowledge can be a great resource as you speak to and reassure your loved one about their move.

Describe What’s Happening

When you’re ready, talk to your loved one about transitioning to memory care. This doesn’t need to always happen early in the planning stage, especially if there are still weeks to go before the move. Major changes may increase your loved one’s stress and anxiety. Use clear language to explain the plan for transitioning. Emphasize that the move only changes your loved one’s physical address, not the love and support you and your family are giving them. Mention the benefits of memory care, like a new community and enhanced support. Encourage everyone in the family to stick to concise and positive statements. Long, involved discussions can be overwhelming, especially if your loved one struggles with reasoning and processing. Here are examples of great phrases to use:

  • Everyone there is kind and helpful
  • I bet you’ll make a lot of new friends
  • You’re going to go to a beautiful new place
  • We’re going to spend lots of time visiting you there
  • You’ll have your own space
  • There are fun activities I know you’ll enjoy
  • The people there will make sure you have everything you need

Acknowledge their emotions: it’s a big change! Help them by addressing any questions or concerns they may have.

Minimize Anxiety

We know many caregivers want to loop their loved one into the packing period, but a great way to keep anxiety low is to pack as much as you can on your loved one’s behalf. This can reduce disorientation and panic as beloved items vanish into boxes. Be sure to pack familiar comforts during the move. Once your loved one is in their St. Petersburg memory care community, the sight of their favorite comfort objects can make them feel more at home.

Visit Our Memory Care Community in St. Petersburg, Florida

Moving is always chaotic, but you can make the transition easier for your loved one with the tips above. Being positive and open about the move can help your loved one prepare and adjust as you get closer to the big day. If you’d like to learn more about Inspired Living at Ivy Ridge, our memory care community in St. Petersburg, Florida, we’d love to help! Contact us with questions or schedule a tour today.

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