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Emergency Updates

In case of an emergency please check this page for updates and instructions.

This message is urgent and important.  Please give this your immediate attention.

 Friends and families of Ivy Ridge,

 We are very happy to announce that Ivy Ridge residents WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE the Covid-19 Vaccine on Friday, January 22, 2021.  For the safety of our Moms and Dads, all residents should get the vaccine, however, we must have your consent! 

 Please email your approval for your loved one to have the vaccine by January 18, 2021 to  We must catalog all responsible parties to be able to schedule the vaccination.  

 In the email we need you to include your full name, resident, or loved one’s name, apartment number AND expressed approval for your loved one to have the vaccine.  Please also include a current cell phone number so we can easily touch base in the event of questions.

 The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, January 18, 2021 - all consents must be turned in.
  • Friday, January 22, 2021– CLINIC 1.  1st dose to start vaccination.
  • Tuesday, February 12, 2021 – CLINIC 2.  2nd dose. On this day, those who did not get the first vaccine can get their initial dose. 
  • Friday, March 5, 2021 – CLINIC 3.  2nd dose for those who received initial dose during CLINIC 2. NO NEW FIRST DOSES WILL BE GIVEN at this time

This message is being emailed to you.  You can also find this message on the Emergency Information tab on the Inspired Living Ivy Ridge web page.

hank you for your patience and understanding as we know you want to get back to visiting your friends and loved ones! We are grateful to be scheduled and are excited to take the next step in this journey to keeping everyone safe.

If you have questions you may also include them in the email, and I will address them.

Thank you and God Bless,

Leslie Edwards

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

As we enter the season of gratitude, we want to express our appreciation for trusting us with the care and concern of your loved one.  We also want to acknowledge and thank our essential workers who remain frontline heroes providing critical and compassionate services. Regardless of the time of year, we are grateful for our residents, associates and families and we are committed to providing a safe, warm, and inviting environment for loved ones and our residents to gather.

For senior living providers, state officials have issued guidance for the holidays and the Inspired Living COVID-19 Task Force has carefully reviewed and constructed policies to follow the guidelines.  Thanks to the diligence of this team thus far, we’ve been able to responsibly re-introduce visitation over the past few months in accordance with local, state and federal requirements, and our desire is to continue doing this as safely as possible. To this end, we have recently invested in even more precautionary measures that, when adopted and followed throughout this season, will continue to help us prevent the spread of the virus. These actions exhibit our commitment to providing a safe working environment for our associates, keeping families connected to their loved ones, and to ensuring our residents have the best experience in our communities.

Ensuring an atmosphere that feels as normal as possible will require us to stay vigilant and stay ahead of the curve through the precautions we take. We want to highlight the many ways we can all still embrace the season without sacrificing the safety of our residents and associates.

First, rest assured we plan on having fun and safe resident celebrations at each of our communities throughout the season. If you are not able to visit, know that we will be celebrating in style with special meals, activities, and virtual entertainment to help make these moments memorable.  Second, we highly encourage continued virtual visits with your loved ones.  These virtual visits are meaningful interactions and are the safest way to connect. We are happy to continue coordinating pre-set times for virtual visits that fit your schedule and needs throughout the holiday season.

Finally, we understand that some families may want to bring their loved one to their own home for a brief visit during the holidays. We want to work together for a safe plan for everyone involved. You may download specific protocols here.

  • If you do request to temporarily take your loved one out of the community, we will ask you to complete two questionnaires related to length of departure and sign a commitment form to adhere to social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and avoiding crowds.  You can download the questionnaire here and the return risk here.
  • We will provide, administer, and review a COVID-19 test prior to departure.   
  • We will complete an exposure evaluation upon return and residents will need to agree to quarantine up to 14 days, with testing options that may reduce the quarantine period. 

For tips on how to protect your loved ones and yourself, click here.

We understand the significance of the holidays and being able to celebrate with your loved ones. We hope the various options outlined above will help you begin proactively planning for meaningful celebrations.  

Thank you again for your support and patience and we look forward to seeing you and your family in the coming weeks! 

Good Evening Friends & Families,

This week we celebrated national assisted living week, which is an annual celebration, established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living.  It is a week to honor “the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.” This special week encourages Assisted Living communities nationwide to help educate the public about this integral component of long-term care.

This year’s theme is “Caring Is Essential” and we can think of nothing more fitting than paying homage to Assisted Living’s amazing caregivers. It has been a special week in more ways than one, as our communities in Florida and Texas began the process of welcoming visitors. 

As we transition into the next phase and start to see your smiling faces (and masks and PPE), we will be reducing our routine communication to a weekly announcement.  We will continue to keep you informed of ongoing happenings and host regular virtual Town Hall meetings.  It goes without saying it is incumbent on all of us to stay safe and attentive.  Family and responsible parties will be notified if any resident or staff tests positive.  Aside from our commitment to transparency, it will require all visitation cease for 14 days from the test date. 

We are so excited to have guests back in our communities!  Please click on the highlighted link to review Protocols for visitation and you can download our Commitment to Safety flyer outlining the creative ways we working to keep our Moms and Dads safe.   We have implemented several new strategies and processes including Electrostatic foggers which sanitize apartments and common areas with a fine disinfecting mist.  This process coupled with deep cleaning and use of our ultraviolet light cases for electronics are some of the most aggressive cleaning approaches in the industry. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Good Morning Friends & Families,

It has been a long year for all of us and we are elated that we have reached a point at which we can offer limited visitation.  With that being said, the safety and well-being of our residents and associates continue to be our top priority.   For senior living providers, state officials have issued guidance and best practices for re-opening, which the Inspired Living COVID-19 Task Force has carefully reviewed and constructed policies and procedures to follow the guidelines. 

To offer visitation, communities must comply with requirements issued by each state regulatory agency.  We are excited to announce we have moved swiftly but have the appropriate measures in place to enable visitors to enter our communities starting Monday September 14, 2020. 

As we move to this next stage, we continue to ask for your patience as we thoughtfully and cautiously provide increased opportunities to enjoy family, friends and the amenities and activities that make Inspired Living a home.   We share with you, one of our cornerstones, which is to be “generous in spirit.” Generous in spirit means to assume good intentions and to be gracious in sharing positive thoughts and praise.  We humbly ask for generosity in spirit as our teams work to set appointments, supervise visitation and work to clean before and after each guest.  Our teams want to do a good job, to provide you safe and meaningful interaction and they want to follow the rules and guidelines to be able to maintain safe visitation.  This might be challenging and could test your patience.  Your spirit of generosity is appreciated in advance! 

We have taken the step to outline the flexibilities and criteria to allow for limited visitation to our communities on the attached infographic HERE.

Thank you again for your support and patience and we look forward to seeing you and your family next week! 

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

We had all hoped the heat of the summer months would kill the virus and allow us to revert to what is now considered, “the good old days,” when people could congregate or at least shake hands or hug.  Our teams and residents, families included, have buckled down and complied with every recommendation. 

Protecting our residents physical AND mental wellbeing is at the forefront of our objectives every day. With that being said, Inspired Living was created to “disrupt” traditional thinking.  The mental wellbeing of our residents and families must be considered as part of safety equation as most residents came to us seeking to improve the length and quality of their life.

As we continue to fight this battle, we are contemplating the guidance given and are daring ourselves to consider all options for our residents to engage with their families and loved ones. With that in mind, we know that many minds are better than one mind when developing a solution and ask for your feedback as we consider the possibilities ahead of us. 

As an example, we have implemented hug booths at two of our communities. This creative, but safe, way was developed out of this need described – maintaining the safety and health of our residents while allowing engagement with their families and loved ones. We see how this one idea is already helping with the mental wellbeing of our residents during this difficult time of quarantine. We are looking at expanding this effort to all our communities soon.

But, it is this type of creative energy that we are looking to continue so that we can offer our residents a high quality, healthy life while visiting with loved ones on or off our property. Hence, we are asking for your input in our effort to pursue a balanced and safe way to connect our residents and their families.  

We are not making any decisions – this is simply a way for us to seek your opinions at this time. Asking these questions is part of our obligation to serve and protect our residents’ physical and mental wellbeing. 

We humbly request your response to the survey.  Please select the specific community link HERE relevant to your loved one and complete the survey before Monday July 13, 2020 at noon EST

And as always, we are here at anytime to answers any questions or hear ideas you might have for our community and your loved ones wellbeing. We are all in this together and we promise that we will do everything to protect our residents physical and mental wellbeing each and every day.

Good Afternoon Inspired Families,

As the nation faces record cases, we want to reassure you we are remain steadfast in fighting this battle.  The spikes in hospitalizations in the outside community at large are a reminder of how difficult it is to contain the spread of this highly contagious virus. 

We are resolute in our efforts and are committed to making every effort to mitigate an opportunity for the virus to enter.  This includes but is not limited to vigilant disinfecting and cleaning schedules and screening of employees and residents.  In addition, we have completed extensive training on infection control.  We have worked with suppliers to ensure we have the protective wear and other tools including UV light technology for sanitation as needed.  Our teams have and are wearing masks, googles and other protective wear when giving care. 

Our residents, associates and families remain our top priority. Our Home Office emergency response team includes guidance from a Medical Director and Registered Nurse Practitioner and continues to meet and support our efforts by monitoring and communicating guidance from the CDC, state, and local health departments. 

We continue to ask for your patience and prayers and thank you for the outpouring of love and support of families and friends as we continue to shelter in place and fight this elusive disease. 

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

As the nation begins to stabilize in response to COVID-19, our team at Validus/ Inspired Living yearns for recovery of civil discourse and is committed to a culture of responsibility and personal accountability.  We are called to improve people’s lives, both those that live and work in our communities, through service, regardless of race, religion, or gender.  

It will take years to understand the impact of restricted visitation on the mental and physical wellbeing of senior living residents.  The impact to our teams has been immense, including understanding and modifying the everchanging guidelines.  Our community leaders have risen to the occasion and demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting residents and associates while still delivering on our promise to understand, act, improve 1% each day and be generous in spirit.  This week, our leader of Inspired Living Ivy Ridge, Leslie E., beautifully delivered on our mission. 

As the pandemic extended into the month of May, Leslie realized she had not hugged her own mom in over three months and consequently her residents were missing the loving touch of their families.  Leslie said, “I realized, I could help, and the residents should not wait any longer to hug their families.”

She went to work with her team and built the company’s first “hug booth.” The staff and residents assisted with building and decorating and then Leslie “tested” the booth by hugging her mom.  “My mom was delighted, and it felt great.”  Leslie has shared her plans with other community leaders and opened the booth so Inspired Families can appreciate the simple but profound opportunity to hug their loved one. Find pictures from the day Here & Here!

We have learned much over the last three months and we have a new appreciation for the opportunity to see our residents interact with those they love most.  As we look forward to new opportunities to make a difference, we are proud to invite families to celebrate by recognizing Inspired Living Dads.  We hope you will take a moment to download the nomination form here and submit to by Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 5:00pm.  The winning nomination will be announced on Father’s Day and the resident will receive $1000 rent credit for July.  You can find the contest details here.  

Thank you for your continued support of our communities.  We look forward to seeing and hugging you soon. 

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

Validus Senior Living / Inspired Living is deeply saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd and the events that have followed over the last several days across our nation. The names of men and women of color killed in all too similar circumstances flood our hearts and minds. These communities are suffering.

We understand words are inadequate and only a minimal initial step to acknowledge the suffering of our associates, friends, and relatives but we want to take that step.  Validus/Inspired Living embraces diversity and respect and wants to be a company that will not stand in silence.  Your voice, message, and community matters.  We understand that despite the pain, fear, anger, and frustration, you continue to show up and serve our Mom’s and Dad’s everyday under these unprecedented times.

Now more than ever we will vow to honor the principles of our moral compass and seek to better understand the experience of our associates and the impact of racism on our team.  There can only be one response to racism and violence and that is to deepen our commitment to making real change. There is no easy path, but you have our commitment to be 1% better every day which means identifying opportunities to act differently.

We seek wisdom from God and while we work together to contribute to the change we seek, we pray for healing for our team members, our community, and our nation. 


In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Martin Luther King, Jr

When God created mothers,

All as lovely as can be,

He made one extra special,

And saved her just for me!

~ Holly Giffers

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

We have received numerous emails, videos and nomination forms accompanied by beautiful photos and stories.  It has been an honor to read about these amazing women and their deep love and commitment to their families through significant hardships.  Thank you for sharing your faith, family, and your treasured memories with us!

Every family is so incredibly special, and in our eyes, every mother nominated deserves and is “Mother of the Year” to their loved ones.  With that being said, we had a difficult job but had a commitment to choose one as our Inspired Mother of the Year2020.  We struggled and despite our efforts, we must report we were unable to choose just one! 

After much consideration, we choose three Mothers to specifically celebrate.  Yes!  All three are getting a bouquet of flowers delivered today and will celebrate with a $3000 rent credit each! Carlyn at Inspired Living Kenner submitted by her daughter Mary M., Dora at Inspired Living Sugar Land by Sheila R. and Jackie at Inspired Living Ocoee submitted by her daughter, Sheryl H.  Click here to see the nominations.

We continue our vigilant efforts to protect our residents following guidelines of the CDC and state health department recommendations.  At the same time, we are making every effort to provide opportunities for you to connect to your loved one as this journey has been much longer than any of us wanted.  We hope you are participating in one of our parades or you can come by for a window, or porch visit or schedule a facetime call with your loved one.   We will continue to explore creative ways to engage and support connecting in every way possible.  We wish you a blessed weekend. 


Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

First, and most importantly, we are thankful to share there is no change to our operating status as of this update. With various governors announcing opening plans, we feel important to remind you that regardless of changes in state “stay at home” orders, our community must adhere to added responsibilities and guidance by federal and state health authorities.  We know you understand the importance of keeping our most vulnerable citizens safeguarded during this time. 

We have actively worked to implement new policies and procedures based on evolving regulations and guidance by the CDC and Health Authorities.  These policies, such as restricted visitation, must remain in place until public health authorities relax restrictions specifically for vulnerable populations. In other words, while the various “stay at home” orders governing our communities may expire, our policies, procedures and protective measures will continue to remain in place.

As we prepare to honor our Mothers on the upcoming holiday, we would like to invite you to nominate your mother for our first annual Inspired Living Mother of the Year contest.   This is a time to celebrate all the amazing things our mothers have done to support, nurture, guide and influence our lives. We want to hear to your stories! Download our flyerFAQ and nomination form here which will be due by next Wednesday, May 6th at 10pm.

Email your nomination form to by Wednesday May 6!

We continue to monitor and follow the CDC guidelines, communicate with the Department of Health as well as follow national coverage for information as it relates to the virus, testing, and potential therapies for treatment. We remain cautiously optimistic as we work vigilantly to stop the spread so that we can open our communities and celebrate with our friends and family in the very near future.

Stay safe!

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

President Donald Trump disclosed his guidelines for "opening up America again" last week with types of institutions that could reopen, and limitations noted. The criteria require strict adherence to social distancing protocols. Business noted were restaurants, movie theaters and places of worship as well as fitness centers. Senior communities will be among the last to open once “3 gating criteria phases” are satisfied which effectively requires a minimum of six weeks of downward trajectory of positive cases in a region or state (or percentage of cases (assuming testing will increase). The recommendations define vulnerable Individuals as those who are elderly OR those with underlying health conditions. Examples noted are those with high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, or those with immune compromised systems such as those receiving chemotherapy.

For your convenience, we have outlined a summary:

  1. Guidelines for All Phases:
    1. Employers
  1. Develop and implement appropriate policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices.
    1. Social distancing and protective equipment
    2. Temperature checks
    3. Testing, isolating, and contact tracing
    4. Sanitation-Use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas
    5. Business travel
  2. Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms. Do not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider.
  3. Develop and implement policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following employee COVID+ test.


  1. Gating Criteria (Satisfy Before Proceeding to Phased Opening)
    1. Symptoms:
      1. Downward trajectory of influenza-like illnesses (ILI) reported within a 14-day period AND Downward trajectory of Covid-like syndromic cases reported within a 14-day period
    2. Cases:
      1. Downward trajectory of documented Covid-19 cases within a 14-day period  OR Downward trajectory of positive tests as a percent of total tests within a 14-day period (flat or increasing volume of tests)
    3. Hospitals:
      1. Treat all patients without crisis care AND Robust testing program in place for at-risk healthcare workers, including emerging antibody testing.


  1. Phase 1 -Regions that satisfy Gating Criteria:
    1. Individuals
      1. VULNERABLE INDIVIDUALS should continue to shelter in place. Members of households with vulnerable residents should take precautions to isolate from vulnerable residents.
      2. All individuals should maximize physical distance from others when in public.
      3. Avoid SOCIALIZING in groups of more than 10 people and allow for physical distancing.
      4. AVOID NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL and adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation following travel.
    2. Employers
      1. Continue to ENCOURAGE TELEWORK, when possible and RETURN TO WORK IN PHASES.
      2. Close COMMON AREAS and /or enforce strict social distancing protocols.
      3. AVOID NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL and adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation following travel.
      4. Strongly consider ACCOMMODATIONS for personnel who are members of a VULNERABLE POPULATION.
    3. NON ESTENTIAL VISITS TO SENIOR LIVING FACILITIES AND HOSPITALS are prohibited. Those who do interact with residents and patients must adhere to strict protocols regarding hygiene.
    4. LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can operate under strict physical distancing protocols.


  1. Phase Two – Regions satisfying the gating criteria a second time (and no evidence of rebound).
    1. Employers:
      1. Continue telework where possible.
      2. Continue closed common areas.
      3. Moderate social distancing protocols.
    2. NON-ESSENTIAL VISITS TO SENIOR CARE FACILITIES AND HOSPITALS ARE PROHIBITED. Those who do interact with residents and patients must adhere to strict protocols regarding hygiene.
    3. LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can operate under moderate physical distancing protocols.


  1. Phase Three- Regions satisfying the gating criteria a third time (and no evidence of rebound)
    1. Individuals:
      1. VULNERABLE INDIVIDUALS can resume public interactions, but should practice physical distancing, minimizing exposure to social settings where distancing may not be practical, unless precautionary measures are observed.
    2. Employers:
      1. Resume UNRESTRICTED STAFFING of worksites.
    3. VISITS TO SENIOR CARE FACILITIES AND HOSPITALS can resume. Those who interact with residents and patients must be diligent regarding hygiene.
    4. LARGE VENUES (e.g., sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship) can  operate under limited physical distancing protocols.
    5. GYMS can remain open if they adhere to standard sanitation protocols.
    6. BARS may operate with increased standing room occupancy, where applicable.


We continue to monitor and follow the CDC guidelines, communicate with each respective state Department of Health as well as follow national coverage for information as it relates to the virus, testing, and potential therapies for treatment.  We look remain cautiously optimistic as we work vigilantly to contribute to stop the spread so that we can open our communities and celebrate with our friends and family in the very near future.

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

We want to thank all of our residents, family members and associates for the dedication they are showing each and every day to their friends, neighbors, loved ones and co-workers to practice social distancing and other important habits to help prevent further spread of this coronavirus outbreak. We know we are asking a lot of you and you are responding with understanding, support and commitment. Among the many things we are learning is that the tremendous hard work of so many can be quickly devastated if just one person in our community, or a family member, lets their guard down.

We are grateful to report that we have no significant changes to report in terms of health and wellbeing of our resident population.  We know there is much media around the industry in general but know that we are and will continue to keep you informed of changes in condition as it relates to your loved on and our community in general.

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference.  We continue to monitor and evolve with the recommendations from the CDC. such as:

  • Shelter in place in your home, apartment, or designated secure area.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.


For our communities offering assisted living  The CDC is now recommending that everyone wear a surgical mask outside their home to help prevent spreading of the virus. As a further precaution, assisted living residents are being offered surgical masks and being encouraged to wear them as a service to their neighbor. We know we are all in this together and appreciate your support in our effort to flatten the curve.

It seems a long time ago when we could have family and friends visit our communities and boost our spirits. We are all eager to return to those days as soon as possible. But if we elect to change our current stay-in-place practices just one day too soon, before it is safe for everyone, we know from what is happening around the world and across our country what the results can be. It is said that patience is a virtue. We are so grateful for your patience.

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus continues to unfold, please be assured that the health, wellness and safety of our residents and staff remain our top priority. Inspired Living communities are following strict safety guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, in addition to the protocols enacted by their respective local governments. 

The environment we are operating in, is completely foreign to us.  Four months ago, the world didn’t know this virus existed, much less that it would turn our industry and resident homes upside down.  But we have adapted, wearing masks, taking temperatures of staff and residents daily and serving meals to residents in their apartments.   Limiting physical interaction has become common place.  

With all the stress, regulatory and guidance changes, it’s important to not lose sight of our ultimate calling: to serve and care for people. Whether it is moms and dads, families, associates or the community in which we operate, our purpose is to serve. 

Many families have reached out to us to ask how they can support our efforts in this time.  As a result, we have set up an opportunity for you to engage with us and spread kindness to feed our frontline staff. These associates have the most exposure, living with extremely limited resources, often relying on school nutrition programs to support their children. 

One thing we can execute quickly is to offer the opportunity to accept food donations.  If you are so inclined to drop nutritional, nonperishable items we will collect, sanitize, separate and distribute to our care partners in need. 

Thank you again for your on-going prayers, support and patience as we continue battle this unprecedented event

Good Afternoon Friends & Families,

As you may have read, the U.S. federal government has extended nationwide social distancing guidelines through the end of April.  Inspired Living communities are maintaining our health and safety protocols to protect residents and associates. This includes:

  1. Essential personnel only, including our critically important associates, are being allowed into Inspired Living communities and are undergoing regular temperature screenings.
  2. Residents are undergoing regular temperature screenings as appropriate.
  3. Assisted Living Meals are being delivered to residents and all residents are being encouraged to shelter-in-place. Memory Care residents are unfamiliar and uncomfortable eating in their rooms. For these residents we have initiate “waive” dining where less than 10 residents at a time are eating in the dining room.
  4. All group programming has been suspended through April 15. For communities sheltering in place, residents can still participate in activities that support social distancing. For those under quarantine, we are formalizing guiding small groups at time out on a daily basis.
  5. We are cleaning and disinfecting all areas with increased diligence.

We understand you have many questions and referencing CDC guidelines is confusing and frustrating.  For this reason we have compiled and extensive list of questions and answers that will be updated with each change in our course.  We continue to ask for your patience as we adjust our course with each new learning. These articulate our position and offer you some clarity into the decision making. Access here

We recognize that these directives are burdensome and disheartening. However, we remain vigilant in our commitment to protect the health and safety of our moms’ and dads, co-workers, families, friends and neighbors.

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