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Music and Singing for Seniors: Dementia Care in Sun City Center

6.5 million people in the United States have a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s. As the disease progresses, residential memory care becomes the best choice for many. One of the primary benefits of these care facilities is their ability to provide daily programming catered specifically to people with dementia. Inspired Living, which provides dementia care in Sun City Center, offers daily singing as one such program. Keep reading to learn five of the benefits of singing and other forms of music for seniors with dementia.

1. Improves Memory

One of the primary benefits of music being provided in aged care homes is the boost it gives to memory. Musical memories are stored in a different part of the brain than other memories, and stimulating a person’s musical memories can help them access other memories as well. This works particularly well with music that has strong emotional memory attached to it, such as songs from childhood or that are associated with a meaningful relationship in a person’s life.

2. Soothes Anxiety and Agitation

Toward the end of the day, many seniors with dementia experience increased agitation. This set of behaviors is known as sundowning. Playing soothing music during that period of the day can help calm your loved one. Similarly, playing upbeat music in the morning can help them get their day started on a positive note.

3. Encourages Healthy Movement

Sometimes, all we need is a little motivation to get our bodies moving. Having tunes playing in the background can help pass the time while your loved one takes a walk or completes physical therapy.

4. Provides Opportunities for Socializing

Making music together is an excellent bonding activity that can forge long-lasting friendships. Even just listening to music together can help break the ice and provide people with an initial topic of conversation. Some people with dementia find that even though they’re no longer able to speak, they can still sing along to familiar songs. In these cases, music literally becomes a tool for communication and connection.

5. Promotes Neuroplasticity

Finally, engaging with music on a regular basis can help keep your loved one’s brain sharp, delaying the progression of dementia symptoms and improving their overall quality of life. Listening to familiar music reinforces established neural connections while engaging with new music encourages the development of completely new neural pathways. Go give your brain a workout by jamming out to a new song!

Get Superior Dementia Care in Sun City Center

These are just a few of the benefits that music can have in memory care. In Sun City Center, there’s no better place to go for quality dementia care than Inspired Living. With multiple living options and staff specifically trained to care for folks with dementia, we’re the best next step when in-home care is no longer feasible. Plus, with daily morning hymns, your loved one is sure to get their daily allotment of music! Ready to see why we provide the best dementia care in Sun City Center? Reach out to us to schedule a tour!

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