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Being social, making new friends, and taking part in new activities all have a number of health benefits. Not only are these activities good for mental health and cognitive function, but they are good for the body, too. They help reduce the risks of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even osteoporosis. Inspired Living offers a rich calendar of onsite and offsite activities and events, designed to keep residents entertained, engaged, and educated each and every day. No matter the level of care your loved one requires, there is an activity and event for everyone, and our caring staff is always available to offer a friendly helping hand.

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At Inspired Living, our daily activities calendar is informed by a holistic approach to wellness that we call Thrive. Designed to connect the mind, body, and spirit, and guided by the Six Dimensions of Wellness, it helps each resident live their best life.

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The Six Dimensions of Wellness

The six dimensions of wellness for Inspired Living in Tampa, Florida

"As a Fit Minds coach, I support residents at Inspired Living Tampa. I am in the community so much that I feel like I am part of their team, which is wonderful! Kudos to Charlie, the Executive Director, who has been there for years and runs a caring, high quality community."

- Bryan Parmer, Fit Mind's Coach

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