3 Tips for Visiting Your Loved One in a Memory Care Community in Tampa

Over 500,000 people over 65 in Florida have Alzheimer’s disease. This leaves many of them unable to care for themselves or make independent and rational decisions. That has resulted in over 800,000 family caregivers being forced to take care of them. Those fortunate enough to afford professional help can rely on memory care facilities to help their loved ones. While these communities provide safety and security, it doesn’t make visiting loved ones with dementia any easier. Here are 3 tips for visiting your loved one in a memory care community in Tampa.

1. Prepare Yourself for Some Difficulties

First of all, it’s important to understand what kind of changes your loved one will still be going through. Senior living at a memory care facility does not halt dementia, unfortunately. Their condition may very well have advanced in the time since your last visit. Keep in mind that the moderate stage of the disease features difficulties such as memory loss and confusion. You should always speak to the caregivers to learn more about their current condition and what to expect. Additionally, don’t show up to a memory care community in Tampa unannounced. You never know when your loved one is having a particularly bad day and can’t accommodate you.

2. Talk to Staff

When visiting a memory care community, make sure that you don’t talk about your loved one while they’re in the same room. You never know what will set them off or send them into a confused state. Instead, talk to staff at the facility separately. You’ll preferably want to talk to them before even seeing your family member to learn more about their condition and how they’ve behaved since your last visit. This is also when you’ll ask about any recent developments.

3. Visit in Small Groups or Alone

One of the most important tips is to try to avoid overwhelming your loved one. Senior living facilities are designed specifically so residents have time to socialize and time to decompress. If you bring your entire family to visit at one time, then you may give them too much information to process. The best thing you can do is visit alone or with only one other person. Alternatively, you can call the facility in advance to see how your loved one is feeling that day and if they’re up for a group visit. Some activities you can do include arts and crafts, taking a walk, and playing games with them. You can also listen to music or go to a community garden together.

Find a Reliable Memory Care Community in Tampa

It’s important to follow these tips if you plan on visiting a memory care community in Tampa any time soon. Don’t expect it to go like any old visit to your grandmother’s house. Things may not go as smoothly as you want them to, and that’s okay. Inspired Living at Tampa provides memory care services for your loved one. Our team members are specially trained to support them in any area of need. Contact us to learn more and tell us about your situation.

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