What to Look For in a Memory Care Community in Tampa, FL

Dementia health issues are unfortunately more common than you may think. WHO estimates that 55 million people across the world have dementia. This disease is also a major cause of dependency and disability among seniors. Does your elderly loved one in Tampa have dementia? Do you suspect they’ll have this in the future? If either case is true, you will need to find a memory care community in Tampa for your loved one. Read on for some tips to find the best dementia care in Tampa.

Set a Budget First

Before you look for memory care services, set a budget. Then look at each facility’s price before anything else. You don’t want to find a facility you love and find out you can’t afford it later. However, keep in mind that the price may not be what it seems at first. Getting certain options may lower your monthly price.

Check for Medical Staff

A memory care community is different than a general senior living community. Elders with dementia need certain complex medical services. Only medical professionals should provide these. For all the memory care facilities you check, look for medical professionals. You should be able to see them on each facility’s website. Look for medical directors, LPNs, and RNs.

Look at Medical Services

Memory care services differ between facilities. You need to match service offerings with your loved one’s needs. Listen to a doctor’s recommendations and look for the services they suggest. Some of the services memory care communities offer are as follows:

  • Hospice
  • Pharmacy
  • Home Health
  • Labs and X-rays
  • SP, OT, and PT Therapies

Learn About the Activities

The best elder care facility offers residents a wide variety of activities. Most of these should be ones that help slow the progress of dementia. Such activities involve:

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Dancing
  • Exercise
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Board games
  • Supervised cooking

Look at the activities that each dementia care community offers. See how many activities the facility offers each week. Consider whether your elderly loved one will have enough to do.

Find Out About the Staff

When you tour memory care facilities, take note of the staff there. Do they seem like the kind of people you’d want to be friends with? Does the facility have enough staff? You should also ask about the kind of training that the staff has undergone. Staff members should also undergo training at least once a year. Doing so keeps them up-to-date with the latest memory care practices.

Try Our Memory Care Community in Tampa

Remember that the memory care community is where your loved one will stay 24/7. Make certain they will feel happy and comfortable while they’re there. Do you need a memory care community in Tampa? If so, consider us. Our senior living community offers dementia care in Tampa. Fill out the form on this page to get more information. We will help you learn if our dementia care community is right for your loved one.

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