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Being the loved one of a person who is experiencing a memory loss illness is incredibly difficult. The changes in behavior, loss of priceless memories, fear and trauma are heartbreaking. At Inspired Living Tampa, we know the effects of a memory loss illness aren’t limited to only your loved one – everyone who loves and cares for that person is affected too. Our Inspired Journeys Specialized Memory Care Program is designed to serve the needs of both the resident and their family, minimizing your fear while helping you understand the changes that are occurring during your loved one’s memory loss journey.

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Specialized Memory Care

Our specialized Memory Care program employs an evidence-based philosophy of care dedicated to the needs of residents and their families, offering education and emotional support while honoring and respecting each resident’s past, present, and future.

Individualized Care

The Inspired Journeys Specialized Memory Care Program is dedicated to residents, family, and caregivers alike. Through careful research of current evidence-based practices, we have developed a unique approach to behavior management and redirection that reduces the need for antipsychotic medications. Recent studies have shown these drugs can lower mental capacity, increase confusion, and lead to falls and serious injury. By employing a rigorous scientific approach to Memory Care programming, Inspired Living Tampa provides care that actually reduces cognitive decline, stimulates neural pathways, and improves recall.

No one knows more about your mom or dad than you, and we look forward to learning all about your loved one. Contact our caring team today to schedule a visit.

"We have become a family. We all have a single focus on our loved ones and are on this journey together. The disease exhibits itself in different ways, but we are learning and helping each other through it."

- Glen Johnson, Husband of Memory Care Resident, Ann Johnson

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