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Captioned Telephones and How They Can Benefit Seniors

Captioned Telephones and How They Can Benefit Seniors

Do you want to have longer, more engaging phone conversations with family, professionals, or your doctor? Are you a caregiver who wants to communicate better with an aging parent or loved one? Captioned telephones help seniors, caregivers, and active retirees maintain independence and improve mental well-being. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that empathetic telephone conversations decreased feelings of loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Subjects saw improvement in a matter of weeks. Seniors living with hearing loss or cognitive function also have difficulty following along during phone calls. Enhanced phone equipment like captioned telephones can produce even more positive results.

Learn more about how captioned phones can benefit assisted living and memory care in Alpharetta.

The Benefits of Captioned Phones for Hearing Loss

Are you dealing with progressive hearing loss or caring for an aging loved one with the condition? Captioned telephones benefit both parties directly by providing a large accompanying screen that provides a transcript of each conversation in real time.

You also enjoy:

  • Built-in answering machines
  • Caller ID
  • Speed dial functions
  • Easy adjustable volume controls
  • Improved, amplified sound quality.

Do you wear hearing aids? Captioned phone technology helps block background noises so that you can focus on your conversation. You enjoy sound delivered directly to your hearing aid which helps you better distinguish and identify voices on the other line. You can also follow along with captions displayed on the screen so you don’t miss a single detail. Captioned phones work with telecoil hearing aids. Telecoil (t-coil) technology directs sound from compatible devices directly to the hearing aid. Most captioned telephones already have t-coil technology built into their systems. Hearing aids with acoustic coupling and captioned t-coil phones drastically reduce background noises. Even better, these noises aren’t picked up or transcribed on the screen. It leaves an easy-to-read transcript. Most captioned phones remove all unnecessary sounds from transcriptions. You aren’t limited to small fonts either. In fact, you have a range of font sizes and accompanying colors to choose from.

How Captioned Telephones Improve Memory Care in Alpharetta

Captioned phones greatly benefit seniors living with memory loss, as well. It’s all too easy to forget important parts of a conversation as soon as you hang up the phone. However, with a captioned phone, you don’t have to worry about details slipping through the cracks. The entire conversation is transcribed on a large, easy-to-follow screen. Even better, you can leave the conversation up on the screen for as long as you want. Most caption phones also save past conversations to improve memory through reading. This is a valuable resource for seniors who don’t want to miss a moment of their families’ lives. Plus, caregivers can include caption telephone transcriptions in their toolbox to improve overall memory care results.

Enhance Your Assisted Living Experience in Alpharetta

Do you want to enjoy assisted living and memory care to the fullest? Experience the benefits of captioned telephones for both hearing and memory loss. Keep this guide handy as you learn more about your options as a senior.

You can also learn more at one of your local Alpharetta senior living events.

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