Memory Care or Assisted Living in Alpharetta What Is the Difference

Memory Care or Assisted Living in Alpharetta, What Is the Difference?

More than six million Americans have some form of Alzheimer’s disease, and one in three seniors develops some form of dementia before death. Even senior citizens who don’t develop dementia often need other forms of care. Is it any wonder that people look for assisted living in Alpharetta?

Knowing what you or a loved one need help with can help you sort out what type of care you need. Despite many facilities offering both forms of assistance, assisted living and memory care in Alpharetta serve different purposes.

If you feel lost in the terminology, you’re not alone. We’ll walk you through the different types of assisted living.

Assisted Living in Alpharetta

Assisted living senior care covers a wide range of communities and facilities. When people think of assisted living or nursing homes, they often lump lots of things into the “assisted living” category.

Most assisted living communities give residents their own home, apartment, or condo. Support staff come to handle specific needs, such as bathing or medication administration. For the most part, though, seniors can go about their business with as much independence as they can muster.

Every senior has different needs. The most common forms of aid in assisted living communities include bathing, eating, or using the restroom.

Memory Care in Alpharetta

Memory care facilities specialize in assisting those who have dementia. Those with dementia need more specialized assistance with daily life planning and judgment. This form of elderly care focuses on satisfying those needs and giving residents more control over their lives.

This type of care requires more experienced specialists. In a memory care community, some staff members will have additional education and training regarding Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The treatment team will often include a certified dementia practitioner.

While dementia cases share common traits, every senior has different needs. As a result, local memory care communities focus on personalized care like preventing wandering or maintaining routine. This makes it easier for patients to enjoy everyday life.

Most memory care communities offer the same types of care as other assisted living programs. Seniors with dementia often need help with bathing or restroom use.

Every Community Is Different

While most types of assisted living or memory care communities will share traits, you shouldn’t treat them like they’re identical. You know what you and your loved ones need best. When you start looking at these programs, start asking questions.

Does this memory care program have certified staff? Does this assisted living facility help with food preparation?

Questions like these will narrow down your choices. Make sure to go in with a clear sense of what your loved one needs. Your loved ones deserve care and you deserve peace of mind.

Focus on Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for assisted living in Alpharetta or need memory care services, you want to choose the right program for your loved one’s needs. Don’t compromise. Take the time to review the programs.

If you’re looking for a community that will protect your loved one’s independence, consider Inspired Living at Alpharetta. We offer assisted living, memory care, and respite care with a focus on safety for all residents. If this sounds right for you and your loved ones, schedule a tour today.

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