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The Benefits of Walking for People With Dementia

More than 80% of Americans are unfamiliar with “mild cognitive impairment,” an early sign of dementia in adults. It’s hard to accept when a loved one has dementia, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to boost the quality of life in senior living. Walking is the best way to exercise and improve your mental health if you move to senior care. Walking might seem like a simple way to change your mood and make you feel happier, but it’s a time-tested method for people with dementia in the memory care community. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of walking for people with dementia!

Walk to Boost Blood Circulation

Dementia is not the only health condition associated with seniors; other health problems like diabetes and heart failure can develop as we age. Walking is a great way to get the blood circulating in your body and ensure your muscles function properly. The average amount of time you should walk daily is 30 minutes if you want to improve your heart health and burn calories. The best thing is, once you start doing 30 minutes, you’ll want to keep doing more!

Walk Better Sleep

Sleep is essential to keeping a healthy immune system and improving memory function, but it can be hard to get to sleep if you’ve not had enough fresh air or movement. You’ll feel more tired after going for a daily walk which will help you drift off to bed in the evening. Studies show that dementia can lead to sleep dysregulation, so getting outdoors or doing an indoor walking workout is guaranteed to help you get more rest. If you’re looking for tips to help a loved one, suggesting a walk is a great way to try to help them with their sleeping problems.

Walk to Reduce the Risk of Falls

Another reason to implement walks into your day is to gain better balance when on your feet. Falls are common amongst older people, but walking can support you in feeling more confident on your feet and less unsteady. Walking can also lead to other improvements like dressing, cleaning, and looking after your home environment. All of these things can be challenging if you’re living with dementia or you’re caring for a loved one, so trying to build up activities that encourage independence is essential.

Walk to Make Friends and Build Community

The worst thing that can happen when people suffer from dementia in a memory care community is that they become detached from their friends and family support network. So, walking can combine the daily exercise requirement and the opportunity to connect with your community. You can make new friends or spend time with your friends and family while getting in a few steps.

Inspired Living at Alpharetta Memory Care can help you get started.

Walk to a Better Life in a Memory Care Community

Finding the right memory care community is essential to thriving in senior care.

Whether you’re walking for yourself or want to walk beside a loved one, having a welcoming group of people to support you will make all the difference. We always have our doors open to new residents in our community. 

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