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When To Look Into Senior Living in Alpharetta, GA

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people require assisted living care of some kind in their lifetime? While some people get that care at home from caregivers or family members, others prefer to move to assisted living facilities. But how do you know when it’s time to consider such a facility? Making the decision to make the switch to senior living in Alpharetta isn’t easy, and you want to consider as many factors as possible. We’re here to talk about a few signs when to look into senior living. Read on to learn more.

Home Maintenance Is Bothersome

As time goes on, home maintenance tasks that once seemed easy, and sometimes even enjoyable, become troublesome. Perhaps mopping the floors takes too much energy and doing yardwork feels like a chore rather than a nice opportunity to get outside. Assisted living in Alpharetta will remove the burdens of home maintenance tasks. Residents can enjoy their lives in a hotel-like experience. While they may want to take care of some minor tidying on their own, there will be staff around to help with any more challenging tasks. Residents can just relax.

Safety Is a Concern

Home safety is a large concern for seniors. It’s a good idea to make safety modifications to homes as you or your loved ones age (such as handrails and shower seats), but eventually, the space may not feel safe enough. If the home has stairs, that adds another safety concern. Seniors report 36 million falls per year, and many of those are due to stairs.

Senior living facilities are made to be safer for seniors. There are also always staff members nearby who are able to respond right away if anyone experiences a fall. If you or your loved one is experiencing a condition such as dementia, you may also worry about the dangers of wandering. In memory care in Alpharetta, there are experienced staff members nearby to ensure that all patients experiencing these conditions are safe and happy.

New or Worsening Health Problems

It’s normal for health to decline as people age. There may come a time when you or your aging parents start needing extra help with things like remembering medications, getting to doctor’s appointments, and even doing normal daily tasks like taking showers. Senior living facilities have medical staff on-site and easy transportation to medical facilities for appointments or emergencies. They also have staff members who are ready to help with any tasks that may be too challenging as the result of pain or illness. There are also healthy activities available to keep seniors active in their golden years.

Unmet Socialization or Enrichment Needs

One of the best things about senior living facilities is the abundance of socialization and enrichment opportunities available. Many seniors struggle with loneliness. They may not drive anymore, so they struggle to see friends and family members. They also don’t have the ability to go do fun and enriching activities. At a senior living facility, this isn’t a problem. Seniors have access to new friends and plenty of things to do without even leaving the grounds. This is so crucial for their mental health and overall well-being.

Is It Time to Consider Senior Living in Alpharetta?

Making the decision for you or your aging loved ones to make the switch to senior living in Alpharetta isn’t easy. If any of these factors sound familiar, it may be time to start thinking about it. At Inspired Living, we offer resort-style accommodations and amenities to all of our valued residents. With personalized care and wellness plans, we hope to provide all of our seniors with comfortable and healthy lifestyles. Contact us to learn more about our community today.

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