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Dominoes and Dementia: 5 Reasons to Play Games With Dementia Residents

Reports from 2019 showed that 3% of those between 70 and 74 had dementia. While 22% of those between 85 to 89 had dementia, showing a much higher percentage. The memory care community is a safe haven for those struggling with dementia. Living with dementia can be a hard adjustment, and it can be very isolating. Because of this, activities like games can be very important. There are many reasons why this can benefit brain health in individuals with dementia. In this article we will discuss 5 reasons to play games with dementia residents and find out more about memory care in Sugar Land and what activities are available.

1. Mental Stimulation

One of the biggest benefits of playing dominoes is the mental stimulation. Those with dementia often struggle with anything that requires concentration or memory. Their brain’s ability to function degrades over time and can be negatively impacted by a lack of stimulation. Their brain health can improve with stimulating activities like playing with dominoes. It helps them with their motor skills and gives them something to think about. It is not overly complicated but still promotes thinking and problem-solving skills.

2. Not Too Difficult

Dominoes is a game that most people have played at some point. It is not too complicated, and even those with Alzheimer’s or dementia can enjoy it. The dementia care at Sugar Land prioritizes these kinds of simple activities. It is stimulating and entertaining without being so complicated that those with dementia can enjoy it. Even those with severe dementia can enjoy this game with help. It is fun and engaging and creates a great way to pass the time. The act of picking up the dominoes is also good for hand and eye coordination and dexterity.

3. Keeps the Mind Active

Many memory care communities struggle to keep dementia residents active. Part of this disease is that they slowly stop being able to do things. Having games available like, dominoes can be a great way to keep everyone active. It gives them a form of entertainment as well as socialization and cognitive stimulation. This helps to greatly improve mental wellness among all dementia residents. A big part of dementia care involves providing activities that promote joy and community.

Inspired Living Memory Care Community

The memory care community at Sugar Land has a strong focus on their memory care residents. This community is built around wellness and creating a joyful life. Those with dementia can expect to be treated with the utmost care and respect while receiving health and wellness care. They are given a multitude of options for engaging in physically and mentally stimulating activities. Sugar land prioritizes well-being and keeping everyone engaged with what is going on. Residents are not left on their own and are given a place where they can thrive and enjoy life.

How Playing Dominoes Can Help Dementia

Living with dementia can be very difficult, especially as it progresses. Any memory care community should include activities like dominoes to keep everyone entertained. Do you want to join the dementia care at Sugar land? Contact us today at Inspired Living at Sugar Land to schedule a tour and see what is available.

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