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The Benefits of Moving into a Senior Living Apartment

There are about 56 million seniors living in the U.S., and this number is expected to grow to 85.7 million by 2050. With so many people becoming of retirement age, there is also a growing need for housing. If you are a senior, chances are that you’ve considered a senior living apartment, but aren’t quite sure if it is meant for you. Luckily, there are many options out there to fit your lifestyle. Start your journey by reading all about the benefits of moving into a senior living apartment.

A Range of Living Options

One of the best benefits of a senior living apartment is that they offer various levels of accommodations. You will be able to choose how much assistance you require and how much independence you want.

Your living options include:

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Respite Care or Temporary Stay

Each type of housing caters to you or your loved one’s needs by offering a specific level of care or independence while surrounding them with appropriate accommodations. Learn more about each living option below.

Independent Living

Imagine never having to worry about senior apartment maintenance, housekeeping, or transportation needs while living in a luxury apartment. This is the type of senior living that provides you with all the amenities without sacrificing your independence.

You get your own apartment within the confines of a community directed at your lifestyle.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a more hands-on approach to senior accommodations. It may include daily visits by a nurse, specialized classes, physical activity programs, and general assistance with getting around.

Independence is still kept by keeping your loved ones in a private room or apartment. However, assistance is there if they need it.

Memory Care

There are over 55 million people living with dementia, many of whom don’t get the care they need to live comfortably or safely. A facility that offers memory care helps improve the life of a person with dementia. This includes 24/7 community monitoring, engaging activities, and holistic personal care needs.

Respite Care or Temporary Stay

If you care for your loved one but you are in need of time off, an assisted living community can help. A short-term stay is also useful for vacations or after a medical procedure.

Specialized Care

If you choose the assisted living or memory care living option, you will also know that help is around the corner. This will give you peace of mind while adding the convenience of having ways to get to the doctor or hospital quickly.

In addition to fast access to healthcare for seniors, specialized care may be available. For example, the facility might have activities that promote mental and physical well-being that adjusts to the needs of every resident.

Access to Dining

A large part of senior apartment accommodations is exclusive access to dining. Communities offer ways for residents to get groceries via transportation services and cook themselves in modular kitchens, or they can visit a dining hall on-site.

In some cases, in-room service is available for those who cannot cook themselves or go out to eat.

The quality of food is also a major benefit, as chefs prepare nutritious and tasty food daily. Visiting the dining hall or restaurant is also a social event that helps keep your loved ones active.

Chance to Socialize

Dining in the community isn’t the only way to socialize. Activities for seniors also include social meet and greets, games, arts and crafts, and special events.

Living in close quarters with age-appropriate peers also ignites friendships and independent interactions.

Socializing is part of a holistic approach to health, as it improves the chances of maintaining physical fitness while keeping the mind active.

Individual and Community-Wide Security

Security is one of the most important benefits of a senior living community. These areas are gated and maintained by security staff. Access to the living quarters is granted only when authorized, so there are little to no chances of theft or foul play from the outside.

Each home is also safeguarded by individual security measures, such as video doorbells and secure locks. In addition, the grounds are monitored in common areas as well as on private property.

Lower Living Cost

Some people may think that senior apartment living is too expensive for them or their loved ones. However, these communities are all-inclusive, so they include more than just the rent.

For example, dining, transportation, and activities may all be a part of the senior apartment package. Therefore, senior living apartment costs have affordable options that include luxury apartments and rooms as well as the amenities mentioned above.

Overall Convenience

Having all of your or your loved one’s needs in one location is why so many people choose a senior living community. They offer a chance to access a lifestyle that wouldn’t be possible outside of the community.

Senior living communities make the golden years available to everyone, including those who require assistance on many levels, whether you need memory care or a personal nurse.

Choosing a Senior Living Community

While most senior living communities offer similar amenities, not all of them are the same. You may find small differences in the quality of care or style of the apartment. That is why it’s important to visit the senior living community to see it in person.

You should also ask questions about the care given and social life provided. Because you aren’t just looking for an apartment. Rather, you are looking for a home.

Start by contacting a senior living advisor at Inspired Living to schedule a site visit today.