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March 26, 2020

During these rapidly changing times, we remain as focused as ever on ensuring the care and well-being of our moms and dads. As of this update, Inspired Living continue to operate in high alert with a concentration on prevention. 

While we miss all our visitors and volunteers, we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support of our families and friends as we shelter in place.  We know that visits from loved ones are an important part of our residents’ lives.  We have transitioned from weekly to daily updates to all our families using our mass calling technology, (“call em’ all”).  This system has allowed us to keep the lines of communication open and families up to date.  Going forward, unless there is a significant change, updates will be brief, highlighting programing, our menu for the day or a positive event. 

This is by all measures such an extreme and challenging situation.  However, our teams are working tirelessly to support our residents.  I would like to share a few positive things happening in our company.

Our teams are utilizing Skype and Facetime to connect our moms and dads with their loved ones as much as possible.

In addition, we have been piloting a new program called IN2L in several communities.  It’s never too late (IN2L) is a technology we offer that combines a library of resources and easy-to-use technology with the goal of enriching seniors’ lives. The content is meaningful and accessible at any level of physical or cognitive ability, while also virtually connecting residents with each other, staff, and their families through significant, fulfilling, and high-quality interactions.

We have enjoyed seeing families to serenade their loved one outside their windows.  We have seen our communities create a few areas where residents can see their loved one through the window and have a “window chat” or birthday celebration.   

This event reminds us that a church is not a building.  Spiritual services are incredibly important for our residents to maintain a healthy mental state.  Our local pastors and churches have been great to offer virtual services. Inspired Living offers multiple areas where small groups have been able to meet and participate in the virtual religious services, Bible studies and or devotionals.  In addition, we are working with our off-site entertainers for remote options in entertainment for small groups at a time. 



Our team is doing everything possible to maintain normalcy without compromising safety.  Where possible, we have injected fun into our routine.  An example is using “smiling faces” on our masks.  This simple but effective tactic has added a little levity to our interaction while adhering to the guidelines of the health department.  We believe, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” (Charles Strouse and Martin Charmin. Annie, RCA Records,1982)

We are so thankful for the steadfast staff in our communities who continue to passionately deliver quality care and services to our residents. Our dedicated culinary teams are continuing to make chef-prepared nutritious meals for our residents.  To alleviate a burden for our teams, we have begun offering free meals for associates.  

Our continued actions to prevent outbreaks in our community is as follows:

·               Restricted visitation to medically necessary

·               Personal Protection Equipment is on hand and will be used only as needed

·               Emergency food supplies are well stocked

·               All residents have adequate supply of medications

·               Additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures will remain in place

·               Resident outings will continue to be restricted, other than those deemed medically necessary

·               Resident activities are organized to accommodate 3-10 residents at a time in order to accommodate social distancing.   

Furthermore, if a confirmed case were to occur, we would continue to act in full compliance with the CDC, local and state health authorities.  We would follow the CDC guidance for confirmed cases in healthcare settings; that guidance includes steps to minimize chances for exposure, adhering to personal protection protocols and managing visitor access.

Thank you for your support and patience as we work together to provide our associates, residents and families the best service and care while balancing the responsibility of keeping everyone healthy, and safe.


Steve Benjamin, C.E.O. Inspired Living

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