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If you are searching for an Assisted Living or Memory Care community, something significant has likely led you to our website, such as a sudden change to your or your loved one’s health or the passing of a spouse. With everything that’s happening right now, you probably don’t have a lot of time to compare all your options. This kind of change can be scary and stressful, and worrying over whether you are choosing the best community for yourself or your loved one only makes it worse.

We understand how you feel, and we want you to be confident that an Inspired Living community is the right choice. Our communities are operated by a handpicked team of knowledgeable care experts who are passionate about enhancing the lives of our residents. We are driven by a higher calling to care for our moms and dads, and we are committed to being better every day. Let us help you or your loved one live the life you deserve.

Independent Living

Independent Living is a senior living lifestyle option designed for active seniors who are comfortable navigating their community and their living space on their own. Independent Living apartments are often more like a traditional apartment home, with features like full-sized kitchens for residents to cook their own meals, as well as a washer and dryer, and other in-home amenities requiring a high level of autonomy.

When considering a transition into a senior living community, it’s important to carefully consider which lifestyle option is appropriate for you or your loved one. If a person has been known to fall or has a recent history of unanticipated health care needs or emergencies, Assisted Living may be the best option. However, if they are medically stable and interested in taking part in social opportunities, being involved in a community, and taking part in organized outings, Independent Living may be the right choice.

Assisted Living

A move to Assisted Living can be hard, requiring you or your loved one to leave behind a home and household that may have taken decades of hard work to build. It also means allowing a stranger to provide personal care services, such as dressing, bathing, and proper nutrition, a thought that anyone would find unsettling. Whether you or your loved one just needs an occasional helping hand or is in need of around-the-clock support, it’s important to feel like you can trust the people who are responsible for your care.

At Inspired Living communities, we are passionate about providing great care, and we think and act quickly to meet your needs. By working closely with you or your loved one and your family, our expert team will develop a personalized care plan designed to offer only as much care as is necessary. But whatever your level of need, you can be sure we provide it from the heart. Our caring team is truly committed to helping moms and dads live their best lives.

Specialized Memory Care

Transitioning into a Memory Care community can be upsetting for someone who is living with a memory loss illness, causing increased confusion, fear, and uncertainty. The effects of Alzheimer’s or other dementia aren’t limited to your loved one – their memory loss journey is an experience shared by family, friends, and caregivers. Our Memory Care program is called Inspired Journeys, and it is designed to offer support for both residents and their families. By working closely with you and your loved one, we help minimize the difficult aspects of your loved one’s memory loss while supporting your continuing relationship, helping your loved one live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Using current, evidence-based practices in behavior management and redirection, our Inspired Journeys Specialized Memory Care Program reduces the need for antipsychotic medications, helping to promote better mental health. Our Memory Care program employs rigorous scientific study to provide care that reduces cognitive decline, stimulates neural pathways, and improves recall.

star insignia Inspired Living in Tampa, Florida

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