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The 5 Best Indoor Plants for Seniors: Dementia Care in Hidden Lakes

It’s no secret that houseplant sales boomed during the COVID pandemic. Demand for indoor plants surged by 18%, with buyers hoping to freshen up the look of their homes while stuck inside. However, these indoor plants have many benefits beyond beautifying the spaces where we spend the most time. For seniors in particular, plants offer some great advantages. There’s a reason our memory care community in Hidden Lakes has a community garden! If you’re hoping to spruce up a loved one’s home or add some greenery to their dementia care in Hidden Lakes, here’s what you should know about the benefits of plants and which to choose.

Benefits of Indoor Plants for Seniors

Whether at home or in an elderly care community, seniors may want to raise plants for a few key reasons. First, plants can help with stress and anxiety relief. They also have mood-boosting benefits. Working with plants and flowers can be a form of sensory therapy that reminds us of the joys of nature. Keeping indoor plants can also help purify the air. Plants’ leaves remove harmful toxins, which can improve sleep quality and help seniors who have breathing difficulties. The added humidity can also help with coughing, sore throats, and dry skin. Caring for plants can also help improve memory and concentration. Spending time with and caring for plants may even reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Last, houseplants are fun to care for. Performing basic maintenance can be enjoyable, and seeing plants thrive can provide seniors with a sense of accomplishment.

5 Best Plants for a Memory Care Community in Hidden Lakes

As you might expect, the best indoor plants for elderly gardeners are easy to care for, look beautiful, and adapt to various conditions with ease. Here are our top picks:

1. Pothos

Pothos is a great choice for any indoor gardener. Hard to kill, this species comes in a huge range of varieties and sends out trailing vines. Even better, pothos has high air purification capacities.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants are also great at removing harmful toxins from the air. They need little water and thrive on neglect, but their beautiful and smooth leaves add a touch of green and a pop of bright yellow to any room.

3. Monstera Deliciosa

Also called Swiss Cheese Plants, these tropical houseplants are easy to grow. Their large, glossy leaves are great at trapping dust, purifying the air, and adding moisture to a room.

4. Spider Plant

This recognizable spiky-leaved plant is vibrant and interesting to look at. Spider plants need only a little sunlight every day, and they don’t need much water.

5. ZZ Plant

For rooms that don’t get much sun, the ZZ plant is a great option. This versatile plant is easy to grow with only indirect light, and it’s NASA-approved for removing copious amounts of toxins from the air.

Get Dementia Care in Hidden Lakes

Indoor gardening can be both fun and healthy for senior nature enthusiasts, and the right plants can get them off to a great start. Bring home one of the plants above to start enjoying the benefits of indoor plants!

As you search for more information and techniques for senior care, don’t forget that our memory care community in Hidden Lakes is here to help. We focus on personalized wellness plans that meet your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional needs for respite care or long-term stays. For more information about dementia care in Hidden Lakes, reach out to us with questions or to schedule a tour.

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