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The Benefits of Chair Yoga for people with Dementia

Over 55 million people worldwide have dementia, which is expected to double in 20 years. You’ll find 10 million new cases each year.If you or someone you love struggles with dementia, you might feel that you can’t continue the same activities and exercises. The good news is that there’s hope. Even through various ages and abilities, there are alternatives to the traditional exercises you know and love. Read this guide on the benefits of chair yoga for people with dementia in a memory care community today!

Improve Balance

The Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes memory care program prides itself on helping its residents, and one way is to improve their balance. Many people find they have an increase in their balance from performing chair yoga. Through yoga, you could experience an increase in body awareness.

Safe Stretching Environment

Chair yoga is a safe place for seniors to improve flexibility, stretch, and strengthen their bodies. Since they’re using a chair, the risk of falling is decreased. They also use guided relaxation with isometric contractions to help them work various muscle groups.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga creates a sense of well-being and can lower blood pressure. No matter your mobility, there are various alternative stretches, including chair yoga. Yoga helps improve flexibility and mobility. It could also improve balance, strength, and core stability. Yoga could even increase oxygen intake.

How to Practice Chair Yoga Safely

Many yoga studios, community centers, and memory care communities practice chair yoga. There are even specific programs for seniors.

To get prepared, ensure you have the right clothing before beginning. Pick sturdy shoes that won’t cause you to slip and fall. Choose stretchy waist pants, so it’s not constricting while working out. Remember, all clothing must be comfortable. Bring a sweater in case you become too cold indoors. Bring water for breaks so you stay hydrated. If you’re going to practice at home, ensure you have the necessary resources. Choose a chair that has a sturdy backing. Avoid areas with sharp edges. Check to see if the space is safe.

The Benefits of Chair Yoga in a Memory Care Community

This guide provides an overview of chair yoga and its benefits for those in a memory care community. The benefit of memory care at Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes is that there are various emotional, physical, and fun, stimulating games for your loved one.

They can check the calendar daily to see what fun activities are planned for the day or month. Are you ready to check out an exceptional memory care community for you or your loved one?

Contact us today or schedule a tour. If you have any questions along the way, we’re happy to help.

Our focus is caring for your loved one with memory-related issues. All team members go through our Dementia Live program and must complete continuing education programs.

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