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Ways Memory Care in Hidden Lakes Offers Anxiety Relief for Seniors

We know seniors can be vulnerable to anxiety. They experience anxiety symptoms, like fatigue, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbance, and muscle tension for at least six months. Inspired Living provides memory care in Hidden Lakes using evidence-based techniques to help seniors manage dementia-related symptoms and anxiety.  Anxiety interferes with the quality of life. Without proper management, it can advance into a severe mood disorder. Here are ways Memory Care in Hidden Lakes offers anxiety relief for seniors to thrive in their sunset years.

Talk Therapy

A problem shared is already half solved. Talk therapy enables seniors to vent, discuss sensitive topics affecting them, and let go of their pent-up emotions and thoughts. Part of dementia care in Hidden Lake is ensuring seniors live stress-free. We know this demography is vulnerable to anxiety. Therefore, we have measures to help them manage triggers and symptoms. We have specialists, resources, and techniques to solve a senior’s specific needs. Talk therapy also increases our awareness of pressing issues affecting the seniors under our care, enabling us to give them comprehensive treatments.

Staying Active  

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Ensure the senior under your care has meaningful activities to keep them from indulging in thoughts that trigger anxiety. Anything from book clubs, learning soft skills, miniature golf, and Wii sports can keep a senior from entertaining anxious or depressive thoughts. Memory care in Hidden Lake has plenty of activities for seniors to keep them productive. We ensure seniors have something to keep them busy, entertained, and fruitful. Our activities are rewarding and beneficial to the senior’s mental health.

Maintain a Healthy Diet 

Nutrition has a significant role in sustaining mental health. Body functions slow down as you age. Diet is an excellent supplement for these losses enabling seniors to thrive in health as they advance in years. For instance, vitamin B12, D, and folic acid hinder depressive and anxiety symptoms. Folate is responsible for the synthesis of brain chemicals that regulate mood. Consuming foods rich in these nutrients can help reduce the severity of anxiety symptoms and enhance mental clarity. Our dementia care in Hidden Lakes includes a healthy diet plan that promotes cognitive and mental health.

Anxiety Relaxation Techniques 

Physiological manifestations of anxiety include increased heart and breathing rate, high blood pressure, and muscle spasms. Relaxation techniques reverse these symptoms by inducing calmness. Help seniors to manage anxiety symptoms using relaxation techniques like: 

  • Breathing exercises – turn the senior’s attention from the anxiety stressor to your breathing pattern. It also slows your heartbeat and lowers your blood pressure, which rises when stress increases.
  • Meditation – channels the senior’s concentration from the stressor to a calming point
  • Walks – a walk in the garden or park clears the senior’s mind, enabling them to employ logic on pressing issues and worries.
  • Mindfulness – helps the senior focus and prioritize their immediate environment instead of unsolvable worries.
  • Music therapy – slow, soothing music relaxes the mind, heart, and breathing, helping the senior calm down during an anxiety episode. 

Choose Inspired Living for Anxiety and Memory in Hidden Lake 

At Inspired Living, we provide comprehensive dementia care for seniors. Part of this care includes managing anxiety. Let us take care of you or your loved one today. Contact us or call us at (941) 254 7990.

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