Tips for Making a Smooth Transition to Senior Living in Delray Beach

Tips for Making a Smooth Transition to Senior Living in Delray Beach

If the thought of moving fills you with dread, you’re not alone. For most people, moving is a highly stressful chapter in their lives. But often, it’s necessary. So, how can you proceed with as little discomfort as possible? Preparing for life transitions, such as moving to a senior living community, entails both mental and physical challenges. Here are some tips for making a smooth transition.

Getting Mentally Prepared

The mental preparation for the move to a senior living community in Delray Beach is far more challenging for most people than the physical aspect. New life events can throw people into unfamiliar emotional territory, especially when they experience such big changes at old ages.

Accept Your Emotional Swings

The first thing you can do to make the mental transition easier is to accept that the stress of moving will send you in and out of emotional stages. For example, at first, there may be excitement at moving to a beautifully designed, modern, well-kept facility. But then, you’re hit by a massive wave of nostalgia. Old and familiar images and sounds from the past play repeatedly in your head. Then there’s sadness over everything you’ll have to leave behind when you move. Realizing that such a mixture of feelings is typical can help realize that nothing is wrong with you. Acknowledge your moods and accept them, knowing they’re temporary.

Get to Know the Facility

Mentally you’ll also be better prepared for assisted living in Delray Beach if you have a good idea of what awaits you. That’s why it’s best to be as familiar as possible with your new location before moving. Tour the grounds as often as possible. Visit the living quarters of anyone with whom you make friends. If possible, try to participate in events held there to sample the community culture. It’s new environments we usually find the most intimidating. By making the unfamiliar familiar, you can overcome a major mental hurdle and make a smooth transition.

Getting Physically Prepared

Read all paperwork related to the standards and practices of the facility. Doing so will reduce the number of surprises you have when you move in. For example, know which furniture and appliances you’re allowed to bring. Are you allowed to bring a pet? Can you pursue your hobbies there? For example, is there a place to paint, dance, or play music? Most communities will have either an individual or an entire team dedicated to helping new residents move in successfully. It’s wise to work closely with them. All the questions you have have already addressed with others. So, listening to experienced staffers can save you a lot of frustration. You’ll also want to carefully coordinate the date you can move in with the date that you have to leave your present house or apartment. You will only add to your stress if there’s a gap between the two events, forcing you to find a temporary place to stay until your new home is ready.

Make the Move to Senior Living

Inspired Living, which includes a Memory Care and Assisted Living community in Delray Beach, has helped make moving much easier for our residents. Once they make a smooth transition here, they enjoy a resort lifestyle that includes an all-day dining menu and a full calendar of mentally and physically fulfilling events.

Simply contact us today to find out more about how we can add enjoyment to senior living for you or for someone you love.

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