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Chair Zumba and Dementia: The Key Advantages

It is estimated that more than 7 million Americans aged 65 or older are living with dementia. By the end of the decade, more than 9 million people could have dementia in this country, with estimates of nearly 12 million by 2040. Dementia is a general term for the impaired ability to think, remember, or make decisions. This interferes with a person’s everyday activities. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. As we will highlight in this blog post, exercise plays an important role in reducing the risk factors for dementia. Chair Zumba, one of the great activities offered by our memory care community in Ocoee, FL, is a great way to reduce dementia risk and ease symptoms for people living with the condition. Let’s take a closer look at Chair Zumba and dementia: the key advantages.

What Is Chair Zumba?

Zumba is a popular fitness program that incorporates Latin-inspired dance into cardio workouts. It was founded more than 20 years ago and today, there are locations in more than 186 countries. As an interval workout, Zumba moves between high- and low-intensity dance moves. These moves help to boost cardio endurance and target areas such as the arms, legs, back, core, and glutes. A popular variation of Zumba is Chair Zumba. Here, the entire class is performed whilst seated, which is perfect for older adults, people who find it difficult to stand for long periods, and those suffering from conditions such as dementia.

How Does Exercise Help With Dementia?

Research suggests that physical activity, such as Zumba and Chair Zumba, helps the brain in a number of ways. These include increasing the chemicals that protect the brain and keeping the blood flowing. There is also a natural reduction in brain connections that occur with aging, something which can be countered with physical activity. Recent research shows that fitness may reduce a person’s risk of dementia by a third. While many older adults are unable to perform high-intensity activities, an activity like Chair Zumba is for everyone. It is low-impact while still serving as an exhilarating program that improves overall cardiovascular endurance, motor skills, muscular strength, and brain health. There is also a link between social isolation and an increased risk of dementia. Chair Zumba is a social activity performed in a group, making it easy to connect with other people.

Benefits of Chair Zumba for Dementia

As this blog post highlights, there is a close link between physical activity and a reduced risk of dementia. That’s why our Zumba for seniors classes at Inspired Living are so popular! Chair Zumba is a fun and easy way to look after your mind, as well as get active and enjoy the social element that comes with working out. If you are interested in learning more about dementia care in Ocoee, speak to our expert team today.

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