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We Love What We Do

The Inspired Living Ocoee Executive Director

Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to providing our residents, families, and guests with endless hospitality and attention. Inspired Living Ocoee strives to employ associates who are passionate about careers in senior living and who inherently have the skills to thrive in a senior-friendly working environment. We are proud of these men and women and the work they do every day in an effort to exceed the expectations of our residents, families, and guests at the Inspired Living Ocoee.

Meet Your Executive Officer

Suzanne Doerzapf

Why Did You Get Into Senior Living?

I gravitated to senior living after being a nurse for many years. I wanted to truly get to know the residents and be able to make a difference in their everyday lives. Senior living allows me that opportunity.

Who Inspires You?

Not one person truly inspires me. People, in general, inspire me. I have observed compassion, kindness, and love at the most trying times and from the least suspecting person. Throughout my life these people have taught me that the most important thing is a connection we have with each other. That connection can be for a second to a lifetime to make a difference with love being the strongest of all.

What Would People Be Surprised To Know About You?

That I am ambidextrous. I am predominately left-handed but am able to use my right hand for many everyday activities.

Beatles Or Elvis?

Elvis of course

How Did You Wind Up At Inspired Living?

I was led to Inspired Living by moving back to the Orlando area to be near my family. I have a 14-year-old grandson and do not want to miss out on witnessing him grow into a great young man.

What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

I want my legacy to be an adventure! To know that it is okay to try new things and let life lead you to your next step. Don’t let fear hold you back, let it propel you forward.