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Water Aerobics for Seniors Fun Exercises to Try

Can you believe that 40% of Americans over 75 are living sedentary lifestyles? Staying active and fit is crucial for seniors to maintain their health. Traditional exercise routines may not always be suitable for older adults. This is due to the extra strain on joints and the increased risk of injury. That’s where water aerobics for seniors comes in. It’s a low-impact, enjoyable, and safe way for older adults to stay active and fit. When it comes to senior living in Ocoee, water aerobics can be an ideal choice of activity. Keep reading to learn about water aerobics for seniors.

Water Aerobics Classes at an Assisted Living Community in Ocoee

Water aerobics for older adults is best performed in shallow water. Classes are usually held in a swimming pool. The water’s buoyancy minimizes the impact on joints and provides resistance for muscle strengthening. It’s especially beneficial for seniors with arthritis, osteoporosis, or other joint-related issues. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the water’s natural resistance helps build muscle strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. It can even enhance flexibility and balance. Best of all, seniors can try a variety of fun water aerobics exercises.

Water Walking

For this exercise, start with a low-key walk at the pool’s shallow end. As you gain confidence, you should increase your pace. Taking longer strides and lifting your knees higher will give you a great workout. You’ll be glad to know that this exercise engages your leg muscles and boosts cardiovascular endurance. It also works your joints in a gentle manner.

Water Jogging

Do you want more challenging water aerobics exercises for seniors? If so, try water jogging. For this, you’ll need to move your legs as if you’re jogging on land. Be sure to maintain an upright posture. You can turn up the intensity by pumping your arms.

Water Cycling

Are you wondering what this exercise involves? Use a water bicycle or perform simulated cycling motions while standing in your pool. This exercise targets the lower body. It’s particularly great for the legs and glutes.

Arm Circles

To perform arm circles, stand in chest-deep water and extend your arms to each side. From there, move your arms in small, circular motions. Feel free to increase the size of the circles little by little. This exercise strengthens the shoulder muscles and improves flexibility.

Leg Lifts

Stand near the pool’s edge and hold onto the railing for support. Lift one leg to the side, front, and back. Don’t forget to alternate between legs. This exercise enhances balance and stability.

Ready to Enjoy Water Aerobics for Seniors?

Now that you’ve learned about fun exercises to try, you can have a great time with water aerobics for seniors. Inspired Living is an assisted living and memory care community in Ocoee, Florida. We’re dedicated to providing our residents with a fun and caring environment. From water aerobics in our outdoor pool to delicious dining, we take care of moms and dads. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions about our services or to schedule a tour.

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