Understanding the Mental Health Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Understanding the Mental Health Benefits of Proper Nutrition for Senior Citizens

Did you know that nutrients like vitamin K and folate promote better brain health? If someone you know is receiving memory care, a nutritious diet needs to be part of their daily experience. After all, a good diet may help slow cognitive decline and result in better mental health. Residents receiving dementia care at Inspired Living at Sun City Center receive personalized nutrition plans that help support their wellness. Continue reading to understand the mental health benefits of proper nutrition for senior citizens!

Enjoy a Better Mood

When seniors eat a balanced diet, they may feel happier. That’s because nutrition can impact the levels of dopamine, which impacts mood, in a person’s brain. A diet blending complex carbohydrates, leafy greens, and healthy proteins offers the best potential for a better mood. Beans, sweet potatoes, fish, and eggs are all good ingredients to include in a mood-boosting diet. By contrast, a diet that lacks nutritional value may provoke Alzheimer’s symptoms. It’s best to stay away from foods high in sodium, refined sugars, and saturated fat.

Improve Focus and Clarity

Nutrition has a direct impact on a person’s ability to stay focused and think clearly. Since seniors may not have as robust of an appetite as they once did, it becomes even more important to be intentional about good nutrition. In addition, many seniors may experience a diminished sense of smell or lack of physical mobility. Both of these bodily changes make accessing nutritious foods more of a challenge. Seniors will gain easier access to healthy foods in a professional memory care setting. As a result, many seniors will be able to improve their sense of focus. This can start with a diet rich in antioxidant-rich foods, like blueberries and tomatoes. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to better focus and clarity, as well.

Feel More Energetic

When seniors eat a healthier diet, they may feel more energized throughout the day. Seniors are more prone to developing anemia, or low iron levels. Without enough iron, an individual may feel sluggish and unmotivated. That’s why it’s critical to include foods rich in iron, such as eggs and spinach, in a diet. Other nutritious foods, like nuts and berries, can be introduced into breakfasts and desserts to provide an energy boost. Additionally, good nutrition should include plenty of water. As seniors age, they may be less likely to feel thirst — so drinking water needs to be part of a routine. Water will help with blood flow, energizing seniors so they can stay more engaged during the day. Seniors should limit alcohol consumption, as well, since it may cause dehydration and impact them more severely.

Understand the Mental Health Benefits of Proper Nutrition at Inspired Living at Sun City Center

Inspired Living at Sun City Center dementia care prioritizes good nutrition to help residents live fulfilling lives. Incorporating whole grains and plant-based foods into a meal plan can lead to better mood and mental clarity. Healthier eating habits can also fuel a more energized approach to each day. When you’re ready to learn more about memory care in Sun City Center, contact us!

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