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Our Inspired Destinations program takes residents and their families around the world without ever needing to leave the comfort of the community.

Each month is a new adventure, with a virtual trip to a new destination. We explore the culture, history, and cuisine as we discover new facts, enjoy local entertainment, and immerse ourselves in a variety of hands-on experiences. Our chefs provide cooking demonstrations that highlight local cuisine and traditional fare. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the inspiring ride!

Socialization: Residents and their families will have the opportunity to travel to a new destination each month with fellow Residents. They are encouraged to share experiences from their own travels while exploring new countries with friends. These experiences are meant to create new memories while cherishing those from the past.

Global Cuisine: Throughout the month our Inspired Dining team will host cooking demonstrations for our Residents, featuring cuisine from around the world, focused on the specific destination of the month. Residents will also be able to try the Cocktail of the Month with both non-alcoholic and alcoholic options, hosted by our Resident Engagement team during a monthly happy hour. We look forward to Residents sharing recipes and cuisine experiences from our featured countries!

Virtual Travel: Whether it be taking a trip down memory lane with our history lessons or a Travel Log presentation, going to a museum to view artifacts, or listening to cultural music, Residents will be submerged into the destination, all while living their best life.

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