Communicable Disease Community Operations and Visitation

Policy Date: January 4, 2022
Modified:  May 16, 2023   


It is the intent of Validus Senior Living and Inspired Living to protect the safety, health, and well-being of our Residents, Associates, and Guests. As communicable disease outbreaks occur, we have outlined our Communicable Disease In-person Visitation and Community Operating procedures. The Community Support Center (CSC) Communicable Disease Response Team will continue to partner with community leaders, local health departments, and the guidance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure our operating procedures align with the latest recommendations.

 The Executive Director maintains the responsibility of ensuring adherence to this policy. 


  1. In accordance with Resident Rights along with all components in the SB988 No Patient Left Alone Act and Florida Statue 408.823 In-Person Visitation, visitation will not be restricted in the community. No restriction is inclusive of no restrictions on consensual contact between a resident, client, or patient and the visitor. No restriction is inclusive of no restrictions on the number of visitors and length or time of visits. All associates, residents, and guests will be notified upon arrival if the community has a positive case. 
    No Patient Left Alone Act
    Florida Statute 408.823 In-Person Visitation
  2. At no time, shall community compel a visitor to provide proof of vaccination status. 
  3. All associates, residents, and guests should report any communicable disease symptoms to concierge/community leadership. Infection prevention education will be available to all associates, residents, and guests. Masks will be provided for use, upon request, to associates, residents, and guests who elect to wear one due to personal preference. 
    CDC – How to Protect Yourself and Others
    CDC – Mask How To
    Exposure Control Plan
  1. In the event of a positive communicable disease test result of an associate or resident, communication from the Executive Director or designee, will occur to residents and families, the CSC Communicable Disease Response Team (via, and the local health department within 24 hours.
    • a. For associates, guidance will be given on a return-to-work date as recommended by the CDC. 
    • b. Residents who experience positive tests will self-isolate/quarantine as directed by the CDC.
      • i. Associates caring for infected residents will utilize PPE in accordance with Department of Health and CDC recommendations/guidelines. 
    • c. During community outbreaks, the Executive Director or designee will obtain further guidance from the CSC Communicable Disease Response Team on mass testing, cessation of events/outings, and other operational changes. 


  1. State Executive Orders will be followed and supersede any of the above operating procedures. The Executive Director or designee will send any new Executive Orders to the CSC Communicable Disease Response Team as they occur so guidance can be given in compliance with Executive Order.