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Memory Care in Bradenton, Florida: Helping Seniors Stay Social

Did you know that staying social as you grow older helps your brain stay healthier? This may sound like bad news to introverts, but it’s good news for anyone at risk of dementia. Remaining socially active can support brain health and even delay the onset of the disease. Even once a person has developed dementia, it’s important to stay social. Many facilities that offer memory care in Bradenton, Florida include socializing as part of their care package.

Here’s how seniors living at Inspired Living at Hidden Lakes stay busy and social.

Join a Yoga Group

Staying physically active is important for any aging senior, and it’s especially helpful to do so in a group. Yoga is one of the safest activities for seniors with dementia. It’s one of the activities for elderly individuals that encourages movement in a social setting that can help motivate them.


Another great way to stay active while receiving professional senior care is through gardening. Gardening can be accomplished either indoors or outdoors, depending on what the facility has to offer.

Some notable indoor plants include pothos, snake plants, and monstera deliciosa. All of these plants need little attention to thrive, and some of them can help remove harmful toxins from the air.

As for outdoor plants, flowering ones are great for improving everyone’s mood.

Karaoke Night

For a more vibrant twist on social affairs, why not let the residents show off their musical flair? Karaoke night is a great way for them to move outside of their comfort zone and perform in a social setting. The best part is that they don’t need to remember song lyrics, as most karaoke machines will display the words for them to follow along.

You could even invite friends and family to hang out for the event.

Painting and Drawing

Art therapy is an important way to help residents engage and express themselves. Creating and drawing help encourage emotional expression and stimulate cognitive functions. It’s also a good excuse for them to socialize with their peers and collaborate on projects.

Family Activities

Bringing the family in from time to time is another important part of senior care. They can keep an eye out for changing signs of dementia and communicate with the facility regarding their concerns.

In some cases, seniors with dementia may find themselves improving in the days following a family visit. At the very least, their family members can help them break out of their shells and meet others utilizing memory care facilities.

Find Memory Care in Bradenton, Florida

Growing older doesn’t mean that life has to stop. There are plenty of opportunities for seniors to stay social and receive memory care at the same time. You just need to find the right facility that can offer the type of attention they require.

If you need memory care in Bradenton, Florida, look no further than Inspired Living. We’re a stand-alone memory care community designed to assist your loved one as they go through the later stages of life. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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