Group Of Seniors Spending Free Time In Bright Living Room, 5 of the Best Card Games for Seniors

5 of the Best Card Games for Seniors

Experts believe that card games originated in China during the 10th century. They’ve changed a lot since then, of course. The games back then may not be as enjoyable to the people living today. What matters most for this article, though, is what games a senior can enjoy. Seniors living in, say, a memory care community in Kenner, can benefit greatly from playing cards. They’re fun and can help senior residents enhance their cognitive abilities. Read on to learn 5 of the best card games for seniors.

1. Go Fish

Go Fish is one of many easy card games. Still, the matching that it requires can give a senior’s mind the challenge that it needs. The objective is to pair the cards you have, place them on the table, and finish your hand. If a player doesn’t have a certain pair, they can ask another player for a certain card. If the other player doesn’t have it, the asking player needs to pull a card from the draw pile. This continues until someone wins.

2. Bridge

Bridge is a fun and challenging game for seniors. Senior living caregivers can shift around to different versions to accommodate any physical limitations. The game has a bit of a learning curve, but the challenge can help seniors stay sharp. Bridge is also a very social game. It requires players to team up into pairs and each team works against the other. It should be a fun way for seniors at a care facility to get closer together.

3. Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular classic card games for seniors. The senior in your life will likely love it. This game is more about fun and less about a mental challenge. To play Rummy, two to four players are required. The goal is to create certain matching sets.

4. Pinochle

Seniors can learn the rules of Pinochle in only a few minutes. This makes it a perfect game for seniors who are looking to have fun rather than face a challenge. To score points, players have to put various card combinations together. These are known as melds.

5. Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker is more of a luck game than a skill game. As long as all players know their poker hands, the playing field should be even. Players receive 13 cards and have to put them into various poker hands. The best hands win bonus points.

Our Senior Living in Kenner

These are far from the only fun card games for seniors. But they are a great start. Try a few different kinds of games with the seniors in your life and see what they enjoy playing the most. If you ever need an assisted living community in Kenner, try ours. The Moms and Dads we take care of enjoy a level of care that no facility in the region can match. Check out the floor plans for senior living in Kenner on this page.

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