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10 Mother’s Day Activities You Never Thought of

Are you excited to celebrate Mother’s Day but not quite sure what to do? You’ve given her all the Mother’s Day gifts she’d ever want, written her the most meaningful cards, and have treated her to her favorite dinner countless times. But, this year, you want to do something different to make mom feel extra special.

Well, we’ve got you covered! This year we’ve put together 10 Mother’s Day Activities You Never Thought of!

  1. Sign up for a pottery class – There’s nothing like a little art to celebrate Mother’s Day. And instead of signing up for a traditional art class, step it up a notch and take a pottery class! Make a vase or a coffee mug. Either way, it’s a fun day activity of creation and something you can both be proud of to remember the day with.
  2. Cook a homemade dinner together – You’ve been out for dinner, maybe even made her dinner, but have you made dinner together? Helping in the kitchen to make a special meal together can be the perfect way to spend time with mom on Mother’s Day. Make a family recipe, try a new one or make a favorite of hers. It’s always fun to turn up the radio, grab a mixing spoon and sing out to some favorite tunes while cooking.
  3. When in doubt, go shopping! – Make a fun adventurous day of shopping! Shop till you drop at the flea market or go to a home décor store and find deals on things mom has always wanted. Whatever shopping you do, it’ll be a blast spending quality time finding deals with mom.
  4. Help start her garden – Gardening is a great way to get some outdoor activity and makes for a beautiful addition to any home or landscape. Plus, you and mom can shop for garden essentials and favorite flower or vegetable seeds! You never know, you could come back to the best flowers or vegetables you’ve ever seen in her garden!
  5. A movie night – Has mom been talking about wanting to see a movie recently? Maybe that one with George Clooney or Brad Pitt or maybe it was Benicio del Toro? Why not have a movie night! Take her to the movie theater or watch it at home. Either way, it’ll be something you both will enjoy.
  6. Crafting – If you’d rather have a more relaxing Mother’s Day, plan a crafting day. Gather pictures and start a scrapbook of family photos. Buy a bath bomb kit to make your own bath bombs. Make jewelry or start on an art project that mom has always wanted to do.
  7. Pamper day – Set up a spa day for mom. Take her to the salon to get her hair done, a manicure and pedicure. Sign her up for a relaxing massage. After all, it is about her on Mother’s Day. She deserves it!
  8. Road trip! – Make a day and set out on a road trip. Go somewhere where you’ve wanted to go but never planned. Why not just pick up and go for the day and explore a new place? You could find a new restaurant or your next vacation spot!
  9. Plan a day at the park – Put together a little picnic basket, a blanket, and invite the family to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a relaxing way to spend the day with mom.
  10. Take the reins on cleaning – We all know mom loves keeping the house clean and tidy. It’s a lot of work. This Mother’s Day let mom relax and as you pick up some of the house cleaning duties. Wash the dishes, dust the fans and hard to reach places, vacuum or make her bed. We are positive it will make her day!

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