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Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness for Seniors This October

Breast cancer is the second-most common form of cancer in women. While this terrible form of cancer can affect women of all ages, it’s especially prevalent in seniors. However, with increased awareness and fundraising, we can fight this disease while raising money to find a permanent cure. That’s why this October Inspired Living is helping to raise breast cancer awareness for seniors within our community. In this guide, we’ll be going over some of the different ways that you can celebrate this month while protecting yourself and others from this type of cancer. We’ll also highlight some of the benefits that senior living communities can provide individuals with breast cancer.

Get Active!

During breast cancer awareness month, there are typically a lot of walking and running events designed to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Consider signing up for one of these events with your senior friends or family. If there isn’t any event in your area, or you don’t prefer walking or running, consider organizing an activity yourself. You could do a pickleball or golf tournament. Even if you don’t raise any money, the important thing is to let everyone know how vital physical activity is for breast cancer prevention. Here at Inspired Living, we know that being active isn’t just important for preventing this type of cancer, but also for a happy life. That’s why we offer a variety of fitness and wellness programs to support our seniors’ health.

Spread Awareness

Regular breast cancer screenings are important for all women. However, they’re especially important for seniors. Why? This study shows that the elderly tend to have a lower survival rate and higher risk factors than younger individuals. This is often linked to both a delay in diagnosis and under-treatment in the healthcare industry. That’s why it’s important to spread awareness about this issue where you live. Consider making a poster or something similar so that seniors in your community know that they should get screened soon and often. Or post some statistics on your Facebook page. You never know who it might reach. Remember that months or even weeks can mean the difference between life and death. As such, awareness can save lives.

Use Your Hobbies for Good

Seniors typically engage in a lot of hobbies, like sewing, knitting, painting, and music. If you fall in this category, consider using your hobbies to help support breast cancer awareness. For example, you could knit a pink blanket. Or paint art inspired by breast cancer survivors in your life. Make it a group activity. Gather together all of your friends to make pink breast cancer awareness-inspired jewelry. Then, sell or donate whatever you make to support the cause. This is a great activity because you’re both spreading awareness and having fun!

Find a Community

If you or a loved one has breast cancer, consider finding a community of survivors. This is a great way to celebrate for two reasons. First, it allows you to connect with the stories of other women who went through this ordeal and emerged on the other side. Second, it can help you make friends who last a lifetime. Loneliness and isolation can often be just as dangerous as any disease. Indeed, poor mental health from a lack of community can contribute to conditions like breast cancer. This is why senior living communities can be so valuable for older individuals. They put you in touch with social opportunities that you might not have access to if you lived on your own.

Donate to Causes That Support Breast Cancer Awareness for Seniors

Spreading awareness and wearing pink are all great ways to support the cause. However, life-saving breast cancer research requires a lot of money. That’s why it’s important to donate money if you’re able. Just make sure you choose a credible institution to donate to, like the American Cancer Society or the Susan G. Komen organization. If you don’t have enough money to donate, that’s all right. There are still other things you can do to help. For example, you can be a part of a local breast cancer walk.


If you or someone you know is a breast cancer survivor, you can volunteer your time to help others with your condition. How? You can have a face-to-face or phone call with another individual undergoing treatment for a breast cancer diagnosis. Just having someone to listen to is extremely valuable for these individuals. What’s more, you can also provide advice on how to approach the road to recovery. If you feel shy or socially anxious, consider writing letters to these individuals. If you’re able to drive, consider volunteering your time to drive patients to appointments for their treatment. Breast Cancer Awareness events typically require a lot of help to run smoothly. Reach out to your local organization and see if there’s anything you can do.

How Inspired Living Supports Seniors With Breast Cancer

Here at Inspired Living, we’re passionate about supporting seniors living with breast cancer. Just recently, we threw an event celebrating awareness within our community. In addition to pink clothing, everyone enjoyed drinks and great conversation. However, more importantly, we’re devoted to the health of our members. We know that every senior has different care requirements. Some might be more independent but require extensive medication for their breast cancer. We’re devoted to treating our community at every stage of the aging process. Make sure to check out this guide to learn more about what you should look for in a senior living community.

Ready for Personalized Treatment? Schedule a Tour With Inspired Living

We hope this article helped you learn more about breast cancer awareness for seniors. Here at Inspired Living, we know how devastating a breast cancer diagnosis can be at any age. That’s why we’re devoted to providing an unparalleled level of care for individuals suffering from this form of cancer. Our resort-style assisted living community individually assesses each new member. Then, we create a personalized wellness and care plan to meet your needs. If you want to learn more about how Inspired Living can help you, schedule a tour with us today.