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COVID-19 Scams

Unfortunately, with every serious situation there is a scam that follows.  I wanted to make everyone aware of a few scam targeting seniors around the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is natural for us to want to learn more about this virus but use a trusted source and avoid the advertisements and links to unknown organizations that you will come across while browsing the web.

There is a scam sending emails and text links asking for peoples Medicaid and Medicare numbers.  Do not click on these links or open the emails.  Some of the scams are originating from emails claiming to be the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).  These organizations will not ask you for these numbers.

The FBI urges you to be on the lookout for fake CDC emails (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and other organizations claiming to offer information on the virus.  Do not click links or open attachments you do not recognize.  Fraudsters can use links in emails to deliver malware to your computer to steal your personal information.  Be wary of websites and apps claiming to track COVID-19 cases worldwide.  Criminals are using malicious websites to infect and lock your devices until payment is received. 

Lastly, looking out for Phishing emails asking you to fill out personal information to get access to a stimulus check from the government regarding COVID-19.  Government agencies will NOT send unsolicited emails to gather this information.  The old adage holds true here; if it seems to good to be true, it is.

Be safe everyone.  If you are not sure of an email or communication, ask a loved one or I can point you in the right direction.  Please remember the government will not contact you by phone and ask for your Medicaid or Medicare numbers.  Let’s be safe and help each other through this pandemic. 

Patricia Mc Graw

Regional Sales Director


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