Pet-Friendly Senior Living: How Cats Are Perfect Companions

He’s been with you through thick and thin, offering purrs of affection to wipe your tears away. He’s your favorite cat, and you can’t bear the thought of moving into a senior living community without him. The great news is you don’t have to. Research shows that more than 75% of senior living communities permit pets. Cats are especially popular companions in pet-friendly senior living communities since they can easily live inside full-time. You may wonder, “What are the benefits of bringing my cat to assisted living?” Let’s explore why cats are the best choice for pet-friendly assisted living.

Bringing My Cat to Assisted Living

What makes cats different from other pets, like dogs? Dogs can be excellent senior companions, but they demand constant attention. Suppose your activity level has decreased in recent years, or you suffer from physical limitations. Managing a dog might be more stressful and difficult than relaxing.

Cats are self-sufficient and independent while offering the same excellent company and unconditional level as dogs. Felines require only 30 minutes of playtime daily and don’t require you to stand to play with them. Use laser toys or cat-fishing poles to interact with your cat while sitting down.

Another reason to bring a cat to assisted living is that they sleep for 15 hours daily on average. Some sleep for 20 hours, making them very low-maintenance.

Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Lifts Moods

A cat in an assisted living facility can help lift your mood. Bonding with your cat lowers cortisol, your stress hormone, within minutes. Petting your cat also increases the generation of serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel good. Cats are excellent for senior citizens who suffer from depression. They’ll give you purpose, acceptance, and love, building your self-esteem. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling more and being more talkative when your cat is around at your senior community. These animals can help revitalize your interest in living life to the fullest and concentrating on the present.

Promote Activity

Yet another reason for having a cat in a senior living center is that they’ll encourage you to stay active physically and mentally. You’ll need to give them water and food, scoop litter, and brush and pet them. Taking your cat for a walk near your senior living facility is another way to stay active. You and your kitty can explore the lovely spaces surrounding your home. These activities provide consistent and routine physical and mental stimulation you otherwise might not receive. They’ll also help distract you from any difficult emotional or physical condition you might be struggling with. Let’s say you want to discover more about taking care of your cat. You may be motivated to read books or do online research on your feline companion. This will further stimulate your mind, keeping your analytical skills and memory sharp as you age.

Strengthen the Heart

Snuggling with your favorite cat in your senior living community may lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Pets like cats also help reduce anxiety and psychological stress. This may lead to a lower risk for stroke and heart disease. It might also result in fewer physician visits. Senior citizens’ chances of surviving longer may increase if they get cats or other pets after experiencing heart attacks. Research shows that individuals who never had cats had a 40% higher chance of dying of heart attacks than people with cats. A cat owner is more likely to avoid suffering cardiac diseases like heart failure.

Enjoy Cat Companionship

A cat can provide social, emotional, and physical support during a challenging time. This is another reason why cats are often welcomed in senior living communities. Some individuals view cats as aloof, but this isn’t always true. Cats often initiate interactions with their caretakers. They appear to recall when people have been kind toward them and reciprocate this. Your cat may enjoy jumping on your lap while you relax outside or watch a movie indoors in your senior living community facility. You’ll never have to feel lonely even when you’re alone in your room at the center. They’ll be the perfect friend to speak with, keep you company, and make you laugh.

Boost Socialization

Cats are an excellent way to boost socialization in senior living communities. They can be the perfect conversation starters. Use your friendly feline to help you meet your new neighbors and build new friendships. Tell your next-door neighbor about your cat’s name, what treats they like, and how long you’ve owned them. You might even want to organize a cat-walking group. This will help you and your new friends bond more while staying active, leading to a healthier and happier community experience for everyone.

Feel Important

A cat may also make you feel needed and important. You’ll have somebody to care for and socialize with. Cats should generally eat wet food, as it contains more protein and water than dry food. It’s the perfect way to give your feline a balanced diet since it contains vegetables and meat and is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Feed your cat two to three times daily. Cats groom themselves, so there’s no need to bathe them at your senior living community. This is a major benefit of choosing a cat versus a dog. Dogs typically require baths at least quarterly. Those with long or medium-length hair (e.g., Collies) should be bathed every month to 1.5 months. Hairless breeds (e.g., Chinese Crested dogs) require baths weekly. 

Your Top Pet-Friendly Senior Living

A pet-friendly senior living community is the perfect choice for cat owners who want to continue living with their cats while living in a place with fellow seniors. You might ask, “What is the benefit of bringing my cat to assisted living?” Cats are low-maintenance and can help you socialize. Interacting with them might also elevate your mood and encourage you to stay physically and mentally active. Inspired Living is your leading pet-friendly assisted living center in Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana. We’ll let you bring your cat so that our community feels like home. Schedule a tour today!