Group of senior citizens having fun and playing chess

Senior Living vs. Staying at Home: 6 Reasons to Choose Senior Living

Did you know that more than 16 percent of American citizens are over the age of 65? Many of those citizens must decide between a senior apartment community or staying put. Some require more assistance, such as a memory care home, while others might prioritize independence. But when it comes to independent living vs assisted living, both scenarios offer many advantages over staying at home. The following guide will explore senior living vs. staying at home and 6 reasons to choose senior living.

1. Less Upkeep and More Fun

Keeping a home clean takes a lot of time and effort, and it doesn’t get easier as you age. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, doing dishes, and washing clothes doesn’t leave much spare time to explore other interests.

Senior living communities remove basic chores completely because they do them for you. So, you’ll have plenty of time to engage in your favorite pastimes and discover new interests as well.

Many communities offer several ways to stay active such as walking paths, tennis courts, swimming pools, and gym equipment. Other activities include things like pool tables, dart boards, and chess tables.

Senior communities have weekly calendars full of events such as cooking classes and other ways to learn new things. If you enjoy eating more than cooking, professional culinary teams provide excellent meal options.

2. Personalized Care

Many senior communities offer their residents certified nursing assistants. The nurses are available 24/7 to support those who need regular care.

The senior living staff gets trained to assist residents with bathing, eating, dressing, and other tasks. The staff can also help seniors living mostly independently remember things like medications.

Dementia Live is offered at Inspired living to help families understand what their loved one is going through. It’s a dementia simulation that immerses participants so that they gain a deeper understanding.

Some communities even offer short-term stays while a resident recovers from a medical procedure or to give their caregiver a break. there are pet-friendly options as well and some communities even have dog parks.

3. Staying Social

Senior living communities help promote socialization and reduce isolation. Avoiding isolation helps seniors prevent mental illnesses such as depression. Group activities connect seniors to create new friendships while boosting cognition.

Residents can join groups for activities like music, fitness, card games, book clubs, and religious studies. Some communities even offer ways for groups of residents to volunteer locally.

There are also more laid-back group events such as coffee meetups, brunches, and happy hours. For residents with dementia, many communities offer special events that cater to their needs.

4. Transportation Options

Driving typically becomes unsafe for seniors at some point in their lives. In 2020, more than 233,000 seniors were injured in auto accidents. Fortunately, senior living communities provide transportation options to residents.

For example, they’ll help get residents to nearby restaurants, shops, events, and medical appointments. You don’t have to worry about filling up with gas, getting the oil changed, or any other vehicle maintenance.

Residents can safely get anywhere in town when they want on their own schedule. It’s an excellent way to stay independent while keeping yourself and other drivers safe on the road.

This level of independence helps empower seniors to make their own decisions and set their own goals. So, reliable transportation can greatly improve a senior’s mental health.

5. Staying Safe and Secure

Accidents can still occur when you’re a senior even if you don’t normally need personal assistance. Falling at home and other injuries might become much more of an issue if you live alone.

Unfortunately, over 34,000 seniors died from falls in 2019 making it the leading cause of death for those over 65. There were 3 million hospital visits for senior falls that same year as well.

Senior communities provide alert systems in each resident’s home to ensure their safety at all times. Furthermore, it provides peace of mind for both the residents and their family members.

As previously mentioned, there are round-the-clock nursing care options available as well. So even residents that suffer from mild to severe health problems remain completely safe and secure in the community.

6. Health and Nutrition Assistance

Daily fitness routines are crucial to lowering risk factors for seniors. Medical conditions such as obesity, memory loss, heart disease, and high blood pressure might even improve from regular exercise.

Senior living communities often offer things like yoga classes and chair yoga alternatives for lower-impact exercises. Activities like swimming and water aerobics are also common.

Some communities offer putting greens on-site for residents who love to golf and even offer golf outings to local courses. Seniors who love to hike can join group outings on local trails to get exercise.

Nutrition is very important for the well-being of seniors. Senior communities take away the hassle of regularly buying fresh and nutritious food from the grocery store. Residents get a consistent diet to make them feel their best.

At Inspired living, chefs work to create personalized meals. They partner with certified dieticians to build nutritious menus. They provide restaurant-quality dining 3 times per day with made-from-scratch meals whenever possible.

Choosing Senior Living

Now you know the top 6 reasons to choose senior living options instead of living at home alone. It’s the best way for those over 65 to stay social, active, safe, healthy, and happy without any worries.

Furthermore, it’s the safest living option for senior citizens. You can contact a senior living advisor at Inspired Living for more information about our team’s mission and to schedule tours.